'Alaskan Bush People' Living In $2.7 Million Mansion While Ami Brown Recovers From Chemotherapy

Bernadette delos Santos

Alaskan Bush People is currently on an indefinite hiatus to give enough time for the Brown family, especially after revealing last season that matriarch, Ami Brown, has been diagnosed with lung cancer. While the Discovery Channel documentary finished its run with the end of Ami's chemotherapy treatments, many fans remain curious about her condition and how the entire family is coping with her illness. So how are Ami and the rest of the Brown family doing?

It looks like Ami Brown is resting well and comfortably in a beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills, California following her first round of chemotherapy treatment at UCLA. Radar Online shared photos of the Alaskan Bush People's new home after leaving the Lower 48 in order to give Ami the care and support she needed.

The publication notes that the house that the Alaskan Bush People are currently living in is worth $2.7 million and has five bedrooms, four bathrooms as well as a pool. Add that to the fact that Ami and Billy Brown have a master's bedroom to stay in, which is equipped with a jacuzzi.

Many fans have been questioning the legitimacy of the story behind Alaskan Bush People, as some viewers noticed that some things don't seem to add up, with some going as far as thinking that Ami's illness has been exaggerated for the sake of ratings. There were rumors that the Discovery Channel series was simply made up and the story behind the show was based on a book written by Billy.

Now that the ABP family seem to be living in luxury, some fans can't help but think that the show is fake. However, it would be wise to note that with all the earnings the Brown family received from being on the show, the family, especially Ami, deserves to live in comfort after leaving their home and going through such a difficult time battling Ami's cancer altogether.

The report also shows that the Beverly Hills mansion where the Brown family is currently residing is close to UCLA Medical Center where Ami received treatments for her lung cancer. Therefore, the family might have simply chosen to live in this location in case Ami needs to go to the hospital quickly.

Alaskan Bush People is currently on a hiatus and it still remains to be seen whether the show will still be back for another season on Discovery Channel.

Do you think there's some other meaning behind the Alaskan Bush People family's new luxury mansion?

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]