Donald Trump Tells Twitter That General John Kelly Won’t Be Fired

It is difficult to ignore the fact that U.S. President Donald Trump likes to surround himself with military men. The Trump administration has General John Kelly as the Chief Of Staff, General James Mattis as the Secretary of Defense, and General HR McMaster as the National Security Advisor. As military men, General Kelly and his colleagues are used to a disciplined environment, and Kelly was brought into the White House to instill some discipline in the west wing.

As General Kelly has discovered, President Trump does not share his enthusiasm for discipline. Trump’s frequent outbursts on Twitter and his speech to the United Nations show that this is a president who “shoots from the lip.” Who can forget the images of General Kelly, head in hands, as Trump dubbed North Korea’s leader, Kin Jong-un, as “the little rocket man?” As reported by the Telegraph, Kelly looked on aghast as Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea during his U.N. speech.

A recent report in Vanity Fair suggested that President Trump and General Kelly have grown increasingly frustrated with each other, and that “their relationship may be irreparable.” Rumors have been circulating that Kelly has reached the end of his tether and is considering resigning as Trump’s Chief of Staff.

John Kelly Donald Trump
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Sources close to General Kelly have said that “he doesn’t love this job. He’s doing it as a duty for the country.” Other sources have suggested that Trump is set to fire Kelly and replace him with longtime friend Tom Barrack. That would be another example of nepotism in Trump’s White House. President Trump has surrounded himself with friends and family members with little or no political experience.

As reported by the Independent, tensions between Trump and Kelly have been running high since the president gave Kelly a “dressing down” in the Oval Office.

President Trump has been publicly supportive of John Kelly. Trump has praised Kelly’s work in speeches and on social media, frequently saying that Kelly is doing “a great job,” a stark contrast with his Tweets about Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and Republican Senator Bob Corker.

Last night President Trump took to Twitter to deny that he was about to fire General Kelly. As reported by Politico, Trump continued his war on the media, by claiming stories that Kelly was about to be fired were “fake news.” The odd thing is that major news outlets were focussing on Trump’s public battles with Tillerson and Corker. Let’s face it, a Secretary of State describing the president as “a moron,” and a senior senator describing the White House as an “adult day care center,” is remarkable. Rumors that a member of the Trump administration being fired or resigning is something we have become used to.Nonetheless, President Trump

Nonetheless, President Trump felt it necessary to tell his 40 million Twitter followers that General Kelly is doing a great job and that the “fake news” media were trying to hurt “one of the finest people he knows.”

After the reassurances by Donald Trump, many will now be watching closely to see how long General Kelly remains in his post.

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