Is Toledo, Ohio the best spot for UFL expansion?

Toledo, Ohio is a great sport town, and is the home of one of the most famous Minor League Baseball Team in the Toledo Mud Hens. The population of the city is right around 700,000, and it is a part of the Great Lakes region of the United States that 54 million people call home. IN 2009 the city added a Minor league hockey team, the Toledo Walleye, and through the opening part of the season they are leading the ECHL in average attendance. For all those reasons, and a few more, Toledo seems to be a perfect place for the UFL to expand to.

The first and most obvious reason to put a team in Toledo is currently the UFL has no team in the Mid West. The Mid West is, home to a great number of football fans, and these fans have shown great willingness to support new leagues and teams. The USFL, World Football League, the various Arena Leagues, and even the XFL understood the importance of having a team located in the mid west.

Toledo is a great spot as it is about an hour south of metro Detroit, and just two hours west of Cleveland, Ohio. It is the fourth largest city in Ohio, and is surrounded by many smaller universities where a UFL team could find players. The University of Toledo beat the University of Michigan recently and features a star QB in one Tony Pike.

Toledo is very fertile football ground, and if the UFL was smart they would immediately plant a team there and let it grow. The two closest NFL team; the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns are both horribly run, and lose often. There seems to be a market here for a new team that could bring forth the thrill of victory.