Friendster Now Friends With Facebook

Friendster is now officially friends with Facebook. Asia's social network of choice announced that it has deployed support for Facebook Platform as part of the Friendster Developer Platform. Developers can now introduce the applications and features they've built on the Facebook Platform to its community of 80 million users.

This move makes Friendster the first social network to become friends with Google's OpenSocial and Facebook.

"Friendster's support of both the Facebook and OpenSocial platforms is a big win for business and individual developers, as well as for Friendster users," said David Jones, vice president of global marketing for Friendster. "For the developers that have invested resources in developing and launching a Facebook app, Friendster has now made it very easy for them to 'port' these applications to Friendster, enabling them to tap into Friendster's 80 million users. For Web 2.0 companies that have developed apps using Facebook and OpenSocial APIs, they now have the flexibility to choose between approaches when launching applications on Friendster."