‘LPBW:’ Amy Roloff Gets Flak For Allegedly ‘Flirting’ With Another Man Behind Chris Marek’s Back

The Roloffs are currently busy with the ongoing 2017 Pumpkin Season, with each member of the family taking part in hosting the month-long festivities. As the spotlight shines once more on the iconic reality TV family, rumor-mongers have spotted something quite controversial that allegedly happened this past weekend in Roloff Farms.

According to the latest rumors, Amy Roloff, the family’s matriarch, was spotted by cameras cozying up and “flirting” next to a man. Unfortunately for the reality TV star, however, the man she was being overly friendly with was not her current boyfriend, Chris Marek. Instead, it was one of the guests on the farm, as stated in a Radar Online report. The image could be viewed here.

In Touch Weekly also published a report on Amy’s alleged “flirting” episode, with the publication even describing the yet-to-be-named man as a “tall silver fox.” The report also described Amy as looking very happy beside the man, and that the reality TV star was “hugging” the Roloff Farm guest.

While the controversial photo has not begun making its rounds in the Little People, Big World community’s social media pages, the image embedded in the Radar Online article was credited to BLINKNews. Interestingly, BLINKNews‘ official website does not allow access to non-members of the site. It does, however, allow photo and news tip submissions.

Overall, while the photo does show Amy looking very comfortable with the stranger, the reality TV star could hardly be called “hugging” or “flirting” with the man. If any, the picture seemed to show that Amy is simply being her usual pleasant, friendly self.

The Roloff matriarch, after all, was hosting the 2017 Pumpkin Season celebrations last weekend with the rest of her family. Thus, it would be completely understandable for Amy to be incredibly friendly to everyone in Roloff Farms.

Amy did attract a lot of attention this past weekend, with the matriarch inviting a lot of praise for wearing a cute vintage ensemble. Little People, Big World fans also noticed that Amy seemed to be glowing lately and that the reality TV star seems to be in a much happier place now compared to a few months ago.

What do you think about Amy’s alleged “flirting” episode? Is the Roloff matriarch really being overly friendly with another man, or are rumor-mongers looking way too much into a simple photograph? Sound off in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Instagram]