‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Bonnie’s Graveyard Fantasy, Mickey Horton Visit Sparks Doppelganger Downfall

Days Of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead reveal that the doppelganger drama is coming to an end. Interestingly enough, it will be Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans) who gets herself caught. During the week of October 16, she will go to the cemetery to visit Mickey Horton. While there, she has a creepy graveyard fantasy. It is speculated that her visit does not go unnoticed. People will begin to connect the dots, leading to a dramatic doppelganger downfall.

DOOL spoilers for the week of October 16 are ahead. If you do not want to know what is coming up, then stop reading.

According to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Days Of Our Lives spoilers tease several cemetery scenes. One is Mickey Horton, who was married to Maggie (Suzanne Rogers.) Determined to get revenge for taking the man she wanted, Bonnie is causing all kinds of drama at the Kiriakis mansion. This includes blackmailing Victor (John Aniston) into divorcing Maggie and marrying the con artist.

Bonnie’s motivation is to rip out Maggie’s heart while securing her financial future. However, it appears that her dangerous doppelganger game will soon be over. Her first mistake is visiting Mickey Horton’s grave. Since she is impersonating Adrienne Kiriakis, if someone notices, she will have some explaining to do. It wouldn’t make sense for Adrienne to visit the grave or get emotional about it.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead reveal that Bonnie will have a graveyard fantasy about Mickey Horton. This is creepy and strange, but it could lead to her finally being exposed. Someone is bound to notice her, especially if she is completely immersed in her fantasy. This could lead to someone finally connecting the dots.

Steve “Patch” Johnson (Stephen Nichols) will realize that something is wrong with his sister. He noticed red flags before, but dismissed them. Part of him was consumed with his son’s prison sentence and trouble with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans.) The other part of him assumed that her behavior was the result of stress stemming from her battle with cancer.

He will finally do some snooping around, which leads him to a confrontation with Hattie Adams (Deidre Hall.) As fans know, Hattie and Adrienne are at the same prison. Days Of Our Lives spoilers also confirm that Victor Kiriakis has a few tricks up his sleeve. Along with Steve’s investigation, Maggie speaking with Julie Horton (Susan Seaforth Hayes) and other events, this chapter is ending. Look forward to Adrienne’s rescue and Bonnie finally being exposed.

Are you ready for this storyline to wrap up? What do you think will happen with Bonnie Lockhart and Adrienne Kiriakis on Days Of Our Lives?

[Featured Image by Evans Vestal Ward/NBC]