Alan And Aimee Friz: Dentist Molested Special Needs Child He And Wife Kept Locked In Cage, Prosecutors Charge

Alan Friz, a 57-year-old respected dentist from Huntingberg, Indiana, became “unresponsive” during his first court appearance Monday on charges that he and his 36-year-old wife Aimee kept a teenage special needs girl locked in a cage in their home — and that Alan Friz sexually molested her on multiple occasions.

Medics treated the dentist in the courtroom, according to a report by WXIN TV News, and the court hearing was able to resume after a two-hour delay. But what caused Friz to go into the “unresponsive” state was not made clear. Friz faces four counts of sexual misconduct with a minor, as well as 11 counts of neglecting a dependent child and 11 more counts of illegal confinement of another person.

The couple were arrested last Wednesday after police responded to a complaint about an out-of-control child in their home, according to a report published on the local Indiana news site TristateHomepage. The couple, after spending the weekend in jail, were released on $25,000 bond for Alan Friz and $10,000 bond for Aimee Friz.

When police searched the Friz residence, they found a wooden cage inside a closet in the home — a cage where, according to court documents cited by the Dubois County Free Press, the 14-year-old was kept locked up with no restroom access and only a pan to relieve herself. The teen, described as “mentally retarded” in the court documents, was deprived of food and water in the cage, and had no electricity inside the closet where the cage was kept.

Aimee Friz, who is pregnant, told police that they kept the girl in the cage because she had made threats against her life and the life of her as-yet-unborn baby. The cage was labeled with the teen girl’s name. When the girl was interviewed by investigators from Indiana’s Division of Family and Children last week, she revealed that the Friz couple kept her locked in the four-foot-by-eight-foot cage for long periods at a time. She also told investigators that Alan Friz had touched her breasts in a sexual fashion on a number of occasions.

When a reporter for WFIE TV News in Evansville, Indiana, asked Alan Friz to respond to the sexual molestation charges, Friz replied only, “The Lord is good,” according to the station’s report.

Cops were originally called to the Friz home after the teen girl became unruly, wrestling her grandfather to the floor as the two of them fought over a ball that the girl had been bouncing inside the home, disturbing other children in the residence who were attempting to do homework at the time.

Aimee Friz left the residence as police were arresting her husband last Wednesday and subsequently fled with the other children in the home, traveling all the way to St. Louis, about three hours and 200 miles away.

But police were able to contact her and order that she return to Indiana with the children. Though she hung up on them, she was spotted outside Dubois County Courthouse on Friday and arrested at that time. She is charged with 11 counts of neglect and 11 counts of criminal confinement.

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