Fans Lash Out Over Eleven From ‘Stranger Things’ Costume, Stating It’s ‘Too Sexy’ And ‘Creepy’

Fans who were thinking of dressing up as the popular character Eleven from Stranger Things were shocked and appalled over a “sexy” and way too “adult” version of the costume that’s now for sale online.

Halloween Costumes and a few other sites recently launched a racy Eleven costume and fans have taken to social media to lash out. Though the costume does not officially say that it is Eleven from Stranger Things, there’s no denying that it mimics the character from Netflix’s hit show. Much like the show’s character, the costume features a blonde wig, pink-collared dress, a blue zip-up jacket, a waffle purse, and of course the signature nose bleed that the popular character got. Teen Vogue reports that for legal and copyright purposes, the costume is named “Upside Down Honey,” instead of Eleven.

Many people are incredibly angry over the fact that the costume is “sexed up” with a shortened dress, lower cut collar line, and “sexy” knee high socks. Fox News reports that the costume is also pictured paired with sexy pump heels instead of Eleven’s signature tennis shoes, though those are not sold as part of the costume.

Halloween is definitely know for sexual and racy costumes and that is widespread knowledge. But in the show, the character Eleven is a young girl played by 13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown, which is why fans don’t think that this sexualized version of the costume is at all appropriate — because she’s just a child.

Livid fans of the show took to their Instagram and Twitter pages to share their outrage over the controversial costume.

“I thought we could do a year without an offensive Halloween costume but now there’s a ‘Sexy Eleven’ from Stranger Things. Erm she’s a child,” one fan said.

“If I see one ‘Sexy Eleven’ costume, I will begin protesting Halloween from here on out,” another fan tweeted.

Other fans went to extremes, even threatening to boycott any Halloween store who sold the costume. A few more fans of the show called for any store who has the costume in stock to remove it from their inventory and stop selling it. A ton of Twitter users do not think that it is fair for stores to be making money off a sexual costume that is played by a child.

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With Season 2 of Stranger Things slated to drop on Netflix on October 27, the show’s hype is at an all-time high, which is seemingly why some retailers chose to capitalize on the Eleven costume. Do you think people are making too big of a deal over this or do you believe the costume should stop being sold?

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