‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Sean Kanan Hints At Deacon Return – Secret Deal With Sheila

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Deacon Sharpe might be out of prison soon and plotting against his ex, based on clues from Sean Kanan’s recent social media activity. Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) won’t give up her quest to regain the title of Mrs. Forrester. Sheila has enlisted Mateo (Francisco San Martin) to try and seduce Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) away from Eric, but that will not work out. Although San Martin hasn’t mentioned how long his Bold run will be, Ingo Rademacher spilled some tea and said the role was only for 11 episodes.

Originally, Ingo was in talks for the part, but instead, they brought him in as recast Thorne Forrester (formerly Winsor Harmon). With Mateo not sticking around, that means Sheila needs a new partner in crime once the sexy Spaniard fails. Why not Deacon Sharpe? Fans love Sean Kanan, and he’s made it clear he wants to come back to Bold, and some of his recent Twitter posts seem to point in that direction. Take a look.

Sean Kanan back to B&B soon?

If you scroll through Sean Kanan’s Twitter timeline lately, you might have noticed he’s been busy retweeting tons of Bold and Beautiful links, comments, and articles, including an Italian magazine with him and Katherine Kelly Lang, as Deacon and Brooke, on the cover. Is this recent spate of Deacon-related social media activity a sign that he’ll be back to CBS daytime soon? Also, note the photo below that he recently shared with him and Kimberlin Brown at a Bold event. Was Sean Kanan hinting at his return and partnership with Sheila with this post? Last we saw Deacon, he was supposedly taking shots at Quinn from Katie Logan’s (Heather Tom) roof and was hauled out in cuffs after a brief and strange reveal.


At the time, because there were two guns – a pistol and a rifle – Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hinted that Deacon and Sheila were partners in crime. The second gun was never explained, so that still could be true since Sheila has shown she’s willing to play dirty and will hurt Quinn if she must. Consider also that both Sheila and Deacon spent time in jail, according to B&B history, so perhaps they shared a probation officer. There are many ways to explain where and how the two met and became co-conspirators. With Mateo only around for a few weeks, Sheila won’t give up and might find a way to get Deacon out of jail to help.

Deacon owes Quinn for trying to kill him

Last year, Quinn pushed Deacon off a cliff, trying to kill him to keep him from blabbing the secret that she’d kidnapped Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). Check out this SheKnows Soaps B&B recap if you weren’t watching then or forgot this moment. It was only by sheer luck that Deacon survived the fall and came back drenched in seawater, wreathed in seaweed, and mad as heck. Quinn offered a lame apology and never properly made it up to Deacon for falling for Liam and trying to murder Deacon. To make things worse, Quinn shunned Deacon again when she chose Eric Forrester (John McCook).


Deacon has plenty of reasons to help Sheila since Quinn owes him big. But also remember that Deacon is broke, and Sheila offered Mateo a big payday once she got back the title of Eric’s wife. Sheila promised the massage therapist-turned-estate manager $200,000 if he helped her get her portrait back above the fireplace. Mateo will fail, and maybe then it will be time for Sheila to bring in a partner with no scruples. Deacon will do anything for money, so he’s the perfect guy for Sheila to call.

What do you think? Do you want Deacon back, and do you miss Sean Kanan on B&B? Do you think Sean’s recent flurry of Bold-related Twitter activity is a sign he’ll be back to the CBS soap soon? What do you think of the news that Ingo Rademacher starts filming next week as Winsor Harmon’s replacement as Thorne Forrester? Check back for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.

[Featured Image by Leslie Bohm and Sean Kanan/CBS]