‘We’re Going To The BCS Championship Game’: A Happy Father Celebrates The Best Christmas Ever

One happy father enjoyed the best holiday ever when he took a second look at the hat his son gave him for Christmas. Tucked inside the innocent looking chapeau was a ticket to the BCS National Championship college football game between Alabama and Notre Dame taking place on January 7, 2013 in Miami, Florida.

Don Buckhannan dreamed of attending this year’s National Championship Football game to root for his beloved Alabama Crimson tide against undefeated Notre Dame. Now, father and son will be travelling to Miami to enjoy the big game. His son Daniel has a ticket of his own, and the two excited football fans can’t wait to settle into their seats for the first kickoff.

The 2013 title game aroused a fever pitch of excitement, with many well known sports journalists predicting this year’s game will be one of the most exciting ever. Notre Dame just completed a 12-0 season and they are ranked number one in the BCS rankings. The Fighting Irish are also number one in the AP Top 25, USA Today poll and ESPN’s Power Rankings.

Alabama will be fielding a powerful team, occupying the number two slot in the BCS rankings. The fearsome Crimson Tide steamrolled over opponents this year on their way to a 12-1 record. Their perfect season was marred by a 29-24 upset loss to the Texas A and M Aggies on November 10, 2012. Alabama fell from the number one spot after the loss and remained second to arch rival Notre Dame in all the major polls.

When the two college football powerhouses meet on the field to determine the National Champion in sunny Miami, Don Buckhannan and his son Daniel will be there to watch every moment of the biggest game of the year. A devoted son made his father’s holiday wish come true with a heart warming Christmas gift that is guaranteed to create a life time of memories. Merry Christmas to the Buckhannan family and to Inquisitr readers everywhere. May you all have a safe, joyous New Year’s Eve, and we hope the BCS Championship is a game to remember. I know journalists are supposed to be impartial, but I just can’t hold back: Go Fighting Irish!