Ivanka Trump Shocks Her Mother Over Strict Rule She Broke For Years

Ivanka Trump shocked her mother, Ivana Trump, when she admitted to her that she used to break one of her strict rules while growing up.

Radar Online reports that in the pages of Ivana’s new book, Raising Trump, the first daughter contributed a story of her own, and it was one her mother wasn’t expecting!

Ivanka Trump is a driven, hard-working, and responsible woman who looks up to her parents, so it’s hard to envision her ever going against their wishes. The 35-year-old special assistant to the president confesses in her mother’s book that she definitely had a rebellious side as a teenager. Needless to say, the news blindsided Ivana. The mother and daughter exchange shows how they’re no different than anyone else when it comes to the relationship between kids and their parents.

“I know my mother thinks I never broke the rules or did anything she wouldn’t approve of, but there were many times during my teenage years when I pushed the envelope and would test the boundaries,” Ivanka shares in the book.

“My parents were strict, but there was still room to rebel like any other teenager.”

Ivanka Trump’s mother reacted to the admission by saying she was “shocked!” Ivana, who said in her Good Morning America interview on Monday that she was a strict mother while raising all three of her children, wanted to know “exactly” what her daughter did when breaking the rule on curfew, but thought twice about it. “No, I don’t,” Ivana writes.

Ivana took solace in the fact that her daughter was never in serious trouble on those nights she violated the curfew.

“She slipped some things by me? Fine,” Ivana writes. “But whatever she did, it wasn’t so bad that she was arrested, or that we had to bail her out of jail, or something awful was posted on the internet that can’t be unseen.”

Ivanka’s mother makes no apologies in her book for spanking her kids when they were toddlers if they misbehaved. She had Ivanka, Eric, and Donald, Jr. adhere to busy schedules to prevent them from rebelling. All three were expected home by 10 p.m. as teenagers, but it was Ivanka who “made a case for pushing” the 10 p.m. curfew to midnight. Ivana writes that her daughter wanted to come home later because all of her friends were allowed to stay out late and being the first one to leave was damaging her social life.

Unfortunately for Ivanka, her case did little to sway her mother. Ivana insists “that didn’t move me one inch,” saying that the “real trouble” starts after 10 p.m. and wanted to make sure her kids were home safe by then.

“And if they stayed out past curfew, they knew what it meant: grounded for life!” Ivana writes.

Are you surprised to hear that Ivanka Trump rebelled against her mother’s strict curfew when she was a teenager?

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