‘Dynasty’ Reboot On The CW Plans To Reinvent The Catfight Trope

The CW is rebooting Dynasty for a new generation of television viewers, and while audiences will get to see women butting heads much like they did in the original series, this will be a much more modern take on the story. In the original series, viewers got to see catfights, high fashion, and even higher hairstyles. While many of these things will still be present, the plan is to give it a modern flair, which means less of the ball gowns and more of the women fighting for the things they stand for.

According to E! News, one of the ways The CW plans to modernize Dynasty is to reinvent the idea of the catfight trope. Elizabeth Gillies, who plays Fallon Carrington in the reboot, talked about the old series versus the new one, and shared that what she saw in the original was that when the catfights ensued, what a viewer would notice was that “all of a sudden there will be a massive stunt man in a wig” and viewers were supposed to just go along with it. However, while there will still be fights in the reboot of Dynasty, according to Gillies, everyone on the show will be doing their own stunts.

While Elizabeth Gillies said that they are doing their own stunts, she feels it will all be very fun. However, she said that the fights, in particular the catfights, are going to be warranted and will actually “come from a real place.”


Nathalie Kelley, who plays Cristal, also chimed in on the fighting that will occur on Dynasty. In the series, Fallon’s main issue is with Cristal, which means that Gillies and Kelley will be coming up against each other often. Not only will these two women go at each other while at home, but Nathalie Kelley explained that they will be fighting on all fronts.

Kelley explained that just like in the original version of Dynasty, there will still be fights, but this time around she feels that they will be able to be more free when it comes to creativity in terms of the rivalry, because both Fallon and Cristal are working women in the modern age. Not only will these women go after each other at home, but also in the boardroom and anywhere else that they come up against one another.


As Elizabeth Gillies continued with her own explanation of what viewers can expect to see on Dynasty, the actress explained that she feels like this is a chance to address the kinds of double standards that are often seen on screen. Gillies said that when viewers see men fighting on screen, no one says anything, however, when women start fighting people call it a “sexy catfight,” even when it is not about making things sexy. Elizabeth Gillies shared that this time around, “it’s two women getting angry in the same way men do and kind of duking it out in the ring, but for a good cause.”

Viewers will get their chance to see how the network has revamped the series for a new, modern age when the reboot premieres. The new Dynasty debuts on The CW on October 11.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]