Amazon Reportedly Making Efforts To Ensure Customer Satisfaction Through Car Trunk And Indoor Delivery Service

According to a recent CNBC report, Amazon is exploring alternative delivery methods to ensure that all Amazon customers receive their online orders effectively and without damage. With the help of Phrame and other undisclosed corporations, doorstep delivery may become a thing of the past.

Phrame, inventor of the “smart license plate frame,” is allegedly working alongside Amazon to create a license plate that will be accessible to all Amazon deliverers. The advanced license plate would covertly hold the Amazon customers’ car keys. To gain access, couriers would unlock the device using their smart phone. From there, deliveries would be placed within the customers trunk and the keys would be returned to the secured box. According to Phrame, their license plates allow for car owners to secure a one-time delivery option. Whether Amazon will be upholding this same “one-time” policy has yet to be revealed.

In addition, there is speculation that Amazon will be implementing a smart doorbell device. While Amazon’s partner in crime has yet to be announced, the concept is simple. The smart doorbell would be wired so delivery drivers are permitted one-time access into the customers home. Re-entry will be prohibited upon their departure through the smart lock that is embedded within the doorbell. This also eliminates the ongoing threat of those who steal off other doorsteps, or, in other words, “porch pirates.” Amazon may want to consider implementing this method sooner than later as a survey reveals that 69 percent of package theft victims actually prefer a delivery service enter their home.

Brown fragile delivery box that has been mishandled
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While the Amazon Locker does make efforts to combat the risks associated with unattended deliveries, the aforementioned procedures take convenience and safeguarding one step further. Through both the Phrame license plate and the smart doorbell, safely retrieving your online orders is brought straight to your home as opposed to having to travel to your designated Amazon Locker location.

Amazon has tinkered with the idea of unconventional delivery methods in the past, but their efforts never panned out.

What do you think? Will Amazon see their ideas through this time?

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