IKEA Launches Their First Ever Pet Furniture Collection Called LURVIG, For The Trendsetting Dog And Cat

The Swedish designers at IKEA have now launches their very first pet furniture collection. Called LURVIG, Swedish for “hairy,” the collection is made for all trendsetting dogs and cats who want to enjoy their home together with their owner.

IKEA’s new collection LURVIG was created by “pet loving designers with support from trained veterinarians.”

Some of the items IKEA pet owners can purchase include the LURVIG scratching post, which can be firmly attached to their table leg, and the cat can scratch away.

There are dog/cat blankets and cushions are in bright green, orange, white, and black, with the sort of fresh and graphic Swedish textile designs that IKEA is known for. Not only decorative but also practical, these blankets can keep annoying pet fur away from populating people furniture.

The LURVIG dog/cat bed has a removable cover that can be machine washed. Another key feature is a seat cushion that folds out, creating more space for pets who are hosting a slumber party or just want to stretch out in bed.

The LURVIG frame for pet bed offers two different sizes that can be set up one of two options. One option allows for the LURVIG pet cushion to be placed inside in a “cozy nook” style, with walls that are just over nine inches tall. Or the bed frame can be flipped upside down, giving the pet a sort of taller bed, allowing for the pet easy viewing in all directions.

The LURVIG cat house on legs offers many design options, depending on the finicky feline. The cat house can sit on its own legs, it can be hung on the wall, or it could slide right into the KALLAX shelf unit. The latter offers an option for the kitty’s sleeping abode to sit cozily on a shelf.

Besides the pet beds, pads, and blankets, included in the 41 different LURVIG dog products are rubber bowls and stainless steel bowls, both with anti-slip material underneath. There is a slow feeding bowl and a water dispenser.

The IKEA LURVIG collection includes a placemat with and without rims, depending on whether your adorable pet is a sloppy eater. There are bright orange reflective collars, harnesses, and leashes. There is even a waste dispenser and colorful doggie bags.

The IKEA LURVIG collection is quite complete, as there is a sleek pet travel bag, a wall cabinet with sliding doors to keep all of your pet gear together — including hooks to hang leashes — and a dog brush to keep your pet’s mane gleaming. There’s even a couple of LURVIG pet toys, including a flying disc.

Included in the 34 different LURVIG cat products are some of the same items as for dogs, but also some items specifically for felines. There is a cat collar and leash, as well as a cat litter scoop, And don’t forget the LURVIG cat tunnel for some fun playtime.

ペットは、家族だから イケアのLURVIG/ルールヴィグ ペット用品シリーズの背景にあるのは、まさにそんな考え方です。 ペットを愛するデザイナーたちが、獣医師のサポートを得て開発したこのシリーズには、室内はもちろん屋外でも、ペットと過ごす時間のために必要な基本のアイテムがそろっています。 あなたにとっても、愛するペットにとっても、一段と快適な暮らしを実現できます。 LURVIG/ルールヴィグ ペット用品シリーズは2017年10月5日発売開始。詳しくはイケアのウェブサイトでご覧ください。 #イケアペット #LURVIG #ルールヴィグ #やっぱり家がいちばん #イケア #IKEA #IKEAJAPAN #IKEA_Japan #スウェーデン

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IKEA is testing the LURVIG collection in the United States, Japan, France, Canada, and the Algarve region of Portugal. There is no word on when Sweden, who is a such a pet-crazy country, will offer the trendsetting pet collection. The items start at just under a buck, all the way up to $54.99, making it affordable for any pet owner.

Are you interested in the latest IKEA LURVIG dog and cat collection? Do you want to try out one of the pet beds or cat house for your treasured pet?

[Featured Image by IKEA]