Jenelle Evans Abuse: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Followers Call For Child Protective Services To Step In

Jenelle Evans may have three children, but she has been labeled a bad mother by Teen Mom 2 viewers. Evans decided to give up with her son, Jace, so her mother could care for him and since that decision, fans of the show believe that she’s unable to care for her children. Even though fans have supported her life decisions when it comes to caring for Kaiser and Ensley, she’s faced an uphill battle in getting people to accept David Eason. She has revealed that she’s happy with him, but fans are surprised at how David is denying their fighting, grabbing Kaiser by the arm, and using anger to spread fear in their home. It sounds like Jenelle knows that he can be too aggressive, as she deleted her Twitter to avoid any confrontation with fans. Because of this action, her fans are now thinking about getting the authorities involved.

According to Instagram, Jenelle Evans couldn’t escape people’s reactions after the Teen Mom 2 episode aired last night. Viewers were so shocked that some people immediately revealed that Child Protective Services should get involved. Apparently, the scene where they were taking their photos for their wedding announcement, viewers were shocked to see David grab Kaiser’s arm and drag him over to a swing. During the episode, he was crying the entire time and MTV edited the subtitles to make it seem like he was screaming for food. Since Jenelle’s followers are often calling for her children to be removed, this editing could give them leverage with Child Protective Services.

“He is disgusting and she needs to stop putting men before her children. This last episode had me disturbed. while she’s busy taking pictures with this animal her son is crying saying feed smh. I myself do not under understand how social services has not stepped in. I feel so sorry for these children,” one person wrote about the episode, while another person added, “Child services need to step in this woman does not deserve these children, and this man needs to be locked up and far away from any human being. Disgusting!!!!”

This isn’t the first time that Jenelle has been involved with Child Protective Services. Fans have called them repeatedly and they have investigated child abuse before. According to Evans, they have never found anything to result in action. Child Welfare of the United States, also often called Child Protective Services, reports that people should reach out if they believe that a child is being abused. They will then investigate the matter and take action if needed. Fans may have thought they were doing their children a favor. Perhaps viewers feel that there’s enough evidence on Teen Mom 2 to have the children removed. David grabbed Kaiser by the arm. In addition, he supposedly lied about them having a fight, which was something Jenelle was tweeting a producer about.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ followers who are calling for Child Protective Services to get involved? Do you think they will step in after watching Monday’s episode of the show?

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