October 10, 2017
Graphic Video: 22-Year-Old Cariann Hithon Shot Dead By Miami Beach Police After Hitting Officer With Car

Cariann Hithon was a 22-year-old student at Temple University, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when she traveled to Miami Beach to celebrate turning 22 years of age. However, that birthday celebration would turn violent and end with Hithon being fatally shot after she hit a Miami Beach police officer with her BMW on Sunday. According to Heavy, Cariann was already involved in car accidents prior to the shooting -- the aftermath of the previous crashes can be seen in videos from below social media footage of the event -- with the front of Hithon's black BMW dented as she sat in the car among a gathering crowd.

The incident happened Sunday night on 12th Street. Hithon, of Bowie, Maryland, can be seen sitting in the BMW with the dark tinted windows as the crowd curses and warns others to step back before Cariann hits anyone else. Hithon would soon hit another person -- Officer David Cajuso, according to the Miami Herald -- when she unexpectedly pulled off in an apparent attempt to flee the scene of an accident. The crowd of witnesses can be heard commenting that Cariann appeared drunk prior to hitting the officer.

Warning: The below videos are graphic and contain offensive language.

Witnesses of the rampage claim Hithon was drunk or under the influence of some substance prior to careening into several cars at a high rate of speed with her BMW, prior to the fatal shooting.
Cariann later died at the hospital, whereas Officer Cajuso has been released. The name of the police officer who fatally shot Hithon has not yet been released.
Hithon created a series of accidents at approximately 6 p.m. on Sunday, according to CBS Miami, near 12th Street and Ocean Drive, and later on Lincoln Drive. Hithon's erratic driving came in the wake of Cariann reportedly drinking heavily the same day. Hithon drove through one red light at a high rate of speed, according to John Butchko, a retired Miami-Dade Police detective.

"We clearly had a green light. Two cars had already gone through the intersection. She was looking straight ahead. She didn't acknowledge anything in her peripheral vision."

Due to the Columbus Day holiday, the area was more crowded with civilians and cops.

Hithon's father said the behavior Cariann displayed was unlike his daughter, according to WUSA-TV. Cary Hithon also told the press that there was indeed a male companion in the car with Hithon, who exited the car prior to Hithon speeding away and hitting the cop.

"Apparently she was accosted by officers, and for whatever reason didn't satisfy their demands."

Cary spoke to the Washington Post but didn't elaborate on the details about the conversation between him and Cariann's companion.

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