Kim Jong-un’s Sister Now One Of The Most Powerful People In North Korea Since Promotion

There is a new member of Kim Jong-un’s top political party of North Korea. The notorious leader of the nation, has recently appointed his own sister, Kim Yo-jong, to the Worker’s Party’s Politburo, the nation’s most important political body.

Yo-jong has formerly been known as the sister to the dictator who accompanies her brother on journeys and to events, while often pictured standing in the background at political events. The younger sister to Jong-un is said to be 30-years-old and is now the only member of the leader’s family who remains active in the government of North Korea.

Despite Kim Jong-un having a seedy and violent history when it comes to relationships his own family members, as Mashable shares, Jong-un and Yo-jong reportedly have maintained a close relationship over their childhood and on into adulthood, as well. The siblings attended school together in Switzerland and the sister to the dictator has former experience working for North Korea’s political benefits as a member of the nation’s junior political party, back in 2008.

The 30-year-old already served under the siblings’ father, Kim Jong-il, and is the youngest of the late dictator’s children. Kim Jong-chol is the eldest, yet it has been reported that he is not closely “involved in politics” of the nation, as the publication relays. Kim Jong-un is the middle of the three and has always been the most heavily involved, even when his father was the leader of North Korea.

As the Toronto Star reminds, Tuesday marks the 72nd anniversary of the Workers’ Party founding. It is the main avenue that allows the Kim Dynasty to carry on ruling the nation and it is therefore a prominent promotion that allows Yo-jong to have much more power than before. A CIA member who focuses closely on the rogue nation has indicated that the anniversary falls on an American day of celebration, Columbus Day, and has warned that Kim Jong-un may use the overlapping days of celebration to send another warning regarding the ongoing missile program in North Korea.

Yong Suk Lee, a CIA agent for the Korea Mission Center, warned last week to “Stand by your phones” when speaking to staff in Washington about the overlapping celebrations. Similar warnings were made last year, and fears were dismantled when North Korea refrained from making any threats or taking action. It seems that again this year, the Kim’s were focused on celebrating and on moving the 30-year-old closer to the central ring of power.

[Featured Image by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images]