Joanna Gaines Hints ‘Fixer Upper’ Reveal While Focusing On Her Kids After Announcing Exit

Joanna Gaines is currently making headlines because of her decision to end her wildly successful show, Fixer Upper, with her husband, Chip Gaines. Chip and Joanna decided to pull the plug on the show because they wanted to focus on their family and spend more time with their children. Fans were disappointed, but there’s plenty to celebrate because they still have one full season to look forward to, as the newest season is currently in production. Fixer Upper returns on HGTV later this fall and it sounds like fans can look forward to a full season with plenty of reveals. Based on her Twitter account, Joanna was working hard on a new reveal this week.

According to a new tweet, Joanna Gaines revealed that she was working on the 13th reveal of the season this week. She shared a picture from the home and she reveals she was busy staging it. It’s possible that the new homeowners will see the new home this week, as they enter their new home in Waco, Texas. Chip and Joanna Gaines have revealed the fifth season of the show will be the last, and one can imagine that it is time-consuming to renovate all of these homes. If they are doing the 13th reveal this week, they have renovated 13 homes in just a few short months.


When they film these Fixer Upper episodes, viewers often see Chip and Joanna tell their kids that they will be spending time with the babysitters while they show homes for the families featured on the show. It is possible that the show was taking away valuable time with their children. Since they have filmed five seasons of the show, one can imagine that they have spent five years on this successful HGTV show. They have young children, so five years is a lot of time to spend on working and renovating homes. Perhaps they felt it was time to step away to spend more time with their children. On Twitter, Joanna has been sharing plenty of photos and videos of her children lately, and it’s clear that she loves her downtime with her family.


What do you think about Joanna Gaines promoting Fixer Upper even though they are done after this season?

[Featured Image by Brian Ach/Invision/AP]