Emily Ratajkowski Insensitive To Moroccan Culture On Instagram, Fights Against Trump’s Birth Control Rules

Emily Ratajkowski has been a long-standing supporter of women’s rights. Despite the fact that she rose to fame from Robin Thicke’s controversial music video, Blurred Lines, she always fights for female visibility and expression. Her Instagram is famous for showing off her body in barely-there bikinis and red carpet outfits that reveal her best assets. But this time, some critics believe that the actress-model has gone too far.

After all the mayhem of fashion weeks, the 26-year-old model decided to vacation in Morocco; one of the most Instagram-able places on earth with its beautiful tile work and colors. In fact, many fashion bloggers like Aimee Song from Song of Style are in the country right now; taking some time unwind after a busy beginning to fall.

Everywhere she goes, Emily finds an opportunity to share intimate moments from her trip to her followers on Instagram. But the picture she took in the hotel seemed rather insensitive to the cultural rules.

“Emily Ratajkowski disregarded others’ attitude to nudity when she appeared to publicly flout one Moroccan hotel’s strict dress code,” reports Daily Mail. “The 26-year-old risked offending guests when she seemingly ignored the code of conduct set out by La Mamounia Marrakech, which stipulates, “an elegant dress code is required in all public areas.”

Morocco is an Islamic country; in which modesty and conservative dressing are of utmost importance. So the fact that Gone Girl actress decided to open up her gown to bare her body was a trigger to some fans.

“You are such a beautiful woman but this image is so disappointing as it’s so very disrespectful to Moroccan culture and customs,” one fan commented. “How very sad.”

Moroccan ????

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But the picture did attract a lot of attention from Instagram users; garnering one million likes in 24 hours.

The model has been criticized before for her unique take on feminism. Last year, she posed with Kim Kardashian West in a topless mirror selfie to promote “Free the Nipple” campaign. It was in response to the fact that Instagram censors women’s nipples while it does not do the same for men’s.

The picture instantly outraged some people who stated that Emily is “anti-feminist;” subjecting her body to the voyeuristic pleasures that men have enjoyed for centuries.

“If there’s anyone here who doesn’t understand the cause, it’s Ratajkowski,” reports the Independent. “She seems to be suffering somewhat of an identity crisis. On one hand, she wants to fight against the objectification and oppression of women’s bodies, yet she happily profits from her ability to titillate men.”

In her own right, Emily Ratajkowski has an activist mindset that works towards women’s rights. Recently, she posted a picture to protest Trump allowing “for-profit or non-profit employer or insurer to not follow ObamaCare’s birth control mandate on religious or moral grounds,” according to The Hill.

Do you think Emily’s view on feminism gave her the right to disrespect cultural rules in Morocco? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]