DeAndre Harris Beaten By White Supremacist Mob, Now Faces Arrest And Alleged Assault Charge [Graphic Video]

Photos and videos of DeAndre Harris being beaten at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, went viral — and now news of Harris’ arrest warrant is going viral as well.

As seen in the above photo and the below graphic video from Saturday, August 12, DeAndre was the victim of blows enacted upon Harris with all manner of metal objects, sticks, and poles in a parking garage next to the Charlottesville police station. The white nationalist rally was disbursed by authorities, and in the wake of the rally, the assault upon DeAndre was recorded in the viral video. Now, Harris himself is facing an alleged assault charge stemming from that same incident, according to the Associated Press.

The 20-year-old DeAndre has had an arrest warrant issued against him, claiming that he unlawfully wounded an unnamed person. Harris is being represented by civil rights lawyer S. Lee Merritt, who told the publication about the injuries that DeAndre suffered as a result of the incident, including a broken wrist and an injury to his knee, along with a concussion that left DeAndre with staples in his head. Harris also suffered cuts on his body.

Warning: The following video is violent and graphic, and contains disturbing language.

According to Lt. Stephen Upman, DeAndre’s alleged assault victim, reported to the Virginia magistrate’s office the events that he or she alleged happened.


Upman would not name Harris’ alleged victim or give any details about the alleged victim to the press.


After the magistrate contacted authorities, the alleged victim’s report was verified and an arrest warrant issued for Harris. However, according to DeAndre’s attorney, the authorities do not possess “sufficient probable cause” to charge DeAndre with a crime. Nevertheless, Merritt is helping to arrange for Harris to surrender to police in the wake of the arrest warrant being issued.

As seen in the below video, Harris was attacked by a mob of men, two of whom have been charged with malicious wounding and are being held without bond.

Social media experts were able to identify 18-year-old Dan Borden as one of the men who beat Harris after former classmates from Borden’s Mason High School and others recognized Borden. Harris can also be seen with injuries in the above and below videos.

[Featured Image by Zach D. Roberts/AP Images]