WWE Rumors: Big Reasons Kalisto Defeated Enzo For WWE Cruiserweight Title

There are WWE rumors coming out from backstage as to why Kalisto defeated Enzo on last night’s episode of Raw for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. The Luchador superstar won the title cleanly from Enzo Amore, who had been bragging for several weeks about how he runs the cruiserweight division. Kalisto became a brand new addition to 205 Live, joining Enzo who had been added to the roster weeks ago. On Monday’s episode of Raw, Kalisto put his name in the history books by defeating Enzo for his first-ever Cruiserweight title reign. There are several possible reasons as to why this happened and why Neville wasn’t the one who was in the match.

In a report from ProWrestling.net, the title match was booked by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle during the latest Raw episode and ended up becoming the main event. It was also set up as a Lumberjack Match with members of the 205 Live roster standing around the ring. Prior to the match, Angle had informed Enzo that his “no contact” clause which allowed for the Lumberjacks to be able to put their hands on Enzo and Kalisto. They would do just that during the match. Towards the end, Mustafa Ali got involved in an altercation with Enzo by pulling him out of the ring on a pinfall. Moments later, Kalisto hit the Salida del Sol finisher and collected the pinfall win as well as the Cruiserweight title.

Enzo Amore vs Kalisto main event on Raw
Kalisto received a WWE Cruiserweight title match against Enzo Amore on Monday's Raw. [Image by WWE]

As mentioned it makes for Kalisto’s first title reign since joining the division, but what about Neville? One would have to think that the “King of Cruiserweights” was due a rematch against Enzo before Kalisto got a shot. A report from the PWMania website is suggesting that this all may be due to a creative issue, as well as an important celebration of one of WWE’s all-time legends for the latest heritage month.

Kalisto cut a backstage promo prior to the match in which he mentioned the late, great Eddie Guerrero as one of his idols. In addition, October is also Hispanic Heritage month, so it appears that the title win by Kalisto was in honor of Guerrero and for the latest month that WWE has been celebrating through various video packages. Now there is a current Hispanic champion. This may or may not be a large part of why Kalisto was able to capture the title Monday night.

The other reason for the match was possibly due to a WWE creative team issue. It’s said in the report that the team may have backed themselves into a corner with the “no contact” clause that they brought about between Enzo and the other 205 Live stars. The fact that Kalisto just recently signed with the division seemed to be a way of putting him into the match and reportedly that decision to have the match happened just before Raw went live Monday night.

It should be interesting to see how long Kalisto will hold the championship for. Will he carry it through the entire Hispanic Heritage month to honor idols such as Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero? Will an angry Enzo Amore get a rematch soon? Or will Neville be on the warpath looking for a rematch and gain it back in the coming weeks? With TLC 2017 coming up soon, one has to think that’s going to be a match for the pay-per-view.

Update 10/10/17: Later on Tuesday, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that former Cruiserweight Champion Neville may have walked out of Raw after he was initially scheduled to lose to Enzo Amore in the main event Lumberjack match. It’s not yet confirmed, but sources are suggesting Neville also asked for his release from the WWE.

[Featured Image by WWE]