Tom Cruise Is Certainly Not Reckless In Films Due To Fear Of Death By Cancer [Debunked]

Tom Cruise has always been known for being a daredevil when filming action flicks that make up a large part of his acting portfolio.

The American Made star has made it known that he carries out all of his own stunts, no matter the risk that may be involved. American Made was no exception, as Cruise was intent on performing daring aerial stunts. Holmes’ ex-hubby also recently broke his ankle when filming a stunt for the latest installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise.

Cruise’s daring ways have caused a new rumor to surface that the action star lives his life on and off screen recklessly out of fear that he may pass away from cancer like his own father did. Radar Online initiated this claim and shared words from a source regarding Tom’s need to push the boundaries.

“This is how Tom lives because of his dad’s death,” the source explained. “It’s gotten even worse since his mom, Mary Lee, died in February at 80.”

The site goes on to state that Tom is worried about various diseases and that he prefers to “tempt fate by performing foolhardy stunts.” The source adds that Cruise is “convinced he’ll die young” of the same cancer that led to his father’s death.

The insider also states that “Tom is terrified” because he is at the age that he is susceptible to developing a “savage hereditary cancer” like his father.

However, although these claims may sound believable, Tom Cruise is not “reckless” and a “daredevil” out of fear. Gossip Cop exclusively determined that this story is false and without any factual basis.

An additional rumor, connected to Tom’s daring stunts and fears of cancer, includes one perpetuated by the National Enquirer, which stated that it was due to Cruise already having cancer that he ended up shattering his ankle during the Mission: Impossible stunt in London over the summer. The dubious tabloid insisted in the story that “fractures are often the first noticeable symptom of cancer,” alluding to the break being connected to Cruise’s supposed worst fear coming true.

Clearly, this too is nonsense, and Gossip Cop has determined that Tom Cruise is cancer-free and not attempting death-defying stunts out of his fear of developing the disease that killed his father at 49 years of age

[Featured Image By Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]