Sprint Wireless Employee Refuses To Sell iPhone, Says Customers Fingers Are Too Fat

Sprint Wireless is coming under fire this week after an employee allegedly refused to sell an Apple iPhone to a customer. According to the report, the employee told the customer that their fingers were too fat to use the iPhone’s touch display properly.

The report comes from Tom’s Hardware where a reader says the employee continually pushed them towards non-iPhone products in an insulting attempt to poke fun at their fat hands.

Many carriers in the United States have been pushing customers towards Google Android and Windows Phone 8 smartphones because of Apple’s high subsidization costs, yet this is the first personal attack against a customers we have reported.

Apparently, the customers wanted an iPhone 4, which the Sprint representative called a “piece of shit” that breaks to easily and doesn’t work well for customers with fat fingers.

Instead, the Sprint Wireless employee recommended the Samsung Galaxy S III. The customer refused the S III request at which time the Sprint rep says the customers fat fingers would make the smartphone impossible to use. The employee attempted to reason that the larger display on the Galaxy S III would be more suited to the customer’s body type.

The customer, rather than purchasing the smartphone recommended by the employee, stormed out of the store without making a purchase.

If the claim is correct, Sprint Wireless could have a customer-related nightmare on its hand, as a majority of Americans continue to become obese.

Perhaps Sprint is attempting to steal AT&T Wireless’ “worst customer service” title from Consumer Reports.

Do you think Sprint Wireless should apologize to the wronged customer?