Chad Johnson Sex Tape Confirms: Someone Else Leaked It

The Chad Johnson sex tape is real according to the former NFL star. Johnson admitted that the recent tape that features himself and two female friends is real. Chad also claims that he did not leak the footage, which has gone viral via a short clip released to the internet.

According to TMZ, the tape was filmed nearly three years ago in a Florida hotel room. Johnson claims that he not only did not release the tape but would also seek legal help to have it removed from the web.

The entire tape is said to be “substantial in length,” although only several small segments have made their way online.

Several sources tell the NY Daily News that, while the Chad Johnson sex tape was known to the star, he didn’t want anything to do with its release.

Johnson hasn’t had an easy run in the last few years; his reality TV show with ex-wife Evelyn Lozada fell apart after he headbutted her and their marriage ended. According to reports, the couple were fighting over condoms found in Ochocinco’s car trunk.

Now at 34-years-old Chad Johnson has been unable to sign with a new NFL team.

On Christmas Eve, Johnson seemed content with his current place in life, tweeting:

Merry Christmas to all of u, u might not of gotten everything you wanted but HE’LL give you all need. Be content, blessings will follow