Frankie Muniz Doesn’t Remember ‘Malcolm In The Middle,’ Opens Up About Unexplained Memory Loss On ‘DWTS’

Frankie Muniz is speaking out on the mystery health condition that has robbed him of his long-term memory. On this week’s Dancing with the Stars, the former child star turned race car driver opened up about the unexplained medical condition that he has been dealing with for more than five years. Muniz revealed that he has no memory of most of the things he has done in his life, including his past as a child actor on the hit sitcom Malcolm in the Middle from 2000 to 2006. In Frankie’s DWTS rehearsal video (which you can see in its entirety below), he told partner Witney Carson that he can’t remember most of his life experiences.

“Truth is, I don’t remember much [of my time on Malcolm]” Frankie said, according to Entertainment Weekly. “It almost feels like it wasn’t me.”

Frankie Muniz has suffered nine concussions and at least 15 “mini-strokes,” but he does not know if it is related to his memory loss. The DWTS clip showed Muniz’s former TV dad, Bryan Cranston, who said he has vowed to help Frankie remember what happened during their 151 episodes together on the Fox sitcom.

“My job is to tell him to remember what happened on Malcolm in the Middle,” Cranston said.

Frankie Muniz opens up on Dancing with the Stars
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According to People, Frankie Muniz has been living with the puzzling medical condition since 2012 when he suffered his first transient ischemic attack during which blood supply to the brain is temporarily cut off. Unlike a stroke, there are no lasting effects with a mini-stroke, but Muniz has suffered more than a dozen of them.

“First, I lose my peripheral vision,” Frankie said of the attacks.

“And I can see people but I can’t recognize them. I can see words but I can’t tell what they say. Then I start going numb. It’s a gross feeling. But I know now when it’s going to come. I usually go lay down and wait [for it to be over].”

Muniz revealed that he has gone to countless neurologists and has undergone every test imaginable, but he has been unable to get a diagnosis or a reason as to why he suffers the sudden mini-strokes.

“I have no answers as to why it happens,” Frankie told People.

“I got so tired of trying to find an answer that I don’t think I’ll search for an answer anymore. I’ve accepted it.”

Frankie Muniz has quickly become a fan favorite on Dancing with the Stars. While his condition may rob him of the memories he is making on the dance floor, Frankie’s girlfriend, Paige Price, keeps a journal with them in which they write down everything he does every single day.

Take a look at the video below to see Frankie Muniz talking about his mysterious memory loss condition on Dancing with the Stars.

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