Bill Clinton Allegedly ‘Heartsick’ Over Hillary’s ‘Blame-Game’ Book – Urged Her To Rewrite

Bill Clinton is reportedly “heartsick” over Hillary’s book What Happened, and he’s beside himself over the impression Hillary made during her book tour, where she continued to point the finger of blame. According to Edward Klien, who has written several books about the Kennedys and the Clintons, Bill was so “heartsick” over Hillary’s blame-game that he threw a copy of her manuscript in the trash before it went to the publisher.

According to Page Six, Bill told Hillary how “the book made her look bewildered, angry and confused, and that those were poor qualities in a person who aspired to be a world leader,” which is what a close friend of the Clintons reported. Edward Klein’s book, which is due out on October 30 is “hotly anticipated,” reports Page Six. It is titled, All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump.

It seems as if Bill Clinton’s alleged critique mirrors what many others had to say about Hillary’s book tour, as Hillary comes off as angry over this loss still today, coming up on a year since she lost the votes to Donald Trump. Social media sites have lambasted Hillary for this book because she doesn’t appear to take any of the blame for her loss as her own, which was reported in an article from Fox News last month.

According to this report from Page Six, before Hillary sent the manuscript off to the publisher, she asked Bill to have a look at it. He reportedly took a red pencil and corrected what he thought was wrong with it. He added and deleted the words in the lines and the paragraphs of that manuscript to the point it was reported that he attempted to make “major changes” to Hillary’s book.

Bill Clinton’s alleged attempt at cleaning up Hillary’s book was ignored by Hillary, this new report indicates she refused to even look at the corrections Bill made. It was during this time that Bill was so angry that he tossed the manuscript into the trash, which is what the family friend reported.

Bill hated the title because he thought that by calling the book What Happened, it would only make people answer “you lost.” Bill appeared to have been spot-on with this prediction as that is what many of the social media posts said about Hillary’s What Happened, they echoed Bill’s thoughts telling her “she lost” with many adding that she needed to get over it.

This very detailed report on the interaction that Bill and Hillary Clinton had over her book even conveys how Bill allegedly urged his wife to postpone the release date of her memoir. This request was reportedly met by a very angry Hillary who “yelled” at Bill, “The book is finished and that’s how it’s going to be published.”

Klein also claims, about a month before the election, Bill told Hillary that she was losing the election and that she needed to get out to the Rust Belt states to campaign. She answered her husband by telling him “he was delusional.” History shows how that prediction unfolded.

This alleged fight over Hillary’s book between the spouses allegedly happened last summer, but it hasn’t blown over, it’s only gotten worse, reports Klein.

“Bill’s criticism— and what Hillary sees as his lack of sympathy — has driven a wedge between them,” the friend said. “They haven’t been speaking for months. They’ve been communicating through friends and lawyers.”

The Daily Mail reports the Clintons have not been seen together since their visit to the Hamptons back in August.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s reps have made statements denying Klein’s claims. Hillary’s spokesperson said, “Ed is a sad man,” with Bill’s rep adding, “And a pathetic liar,” reports Page Six.

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