Emily Dover, 5-Year-Old Girl, Forced To Grow Up Fast – Her Breasts Grew At 2 And Now Experiencing Menopause

Emily Dover is not a typical kid. She is a 5-year-old Aussie girl who is now a teenager before her time. At age 2, her breasts began to develop, then at 4, she started menstruating. Now, at 5, she is forced to go through menopause!

Emily already weighs 45 kg. and is 4’5″ tall, and she knows she is different from other kids her age, but she just cannot understand how she is not like them. Her mother, Tam Dover, revealed that her daughter began menstruating just four months before her fifth birthday.

Tam recalled that for quite some time, Emily had been complaining of stomach cramps, but they never imagined that their 4-year-old was already showing symptoms for the onset of her first menstruation.

Emily Dover’s mom added that her daughter tells the kids at daycare that she is just bleeding from her poo since she does not understand what is happening to her. Needless to say, the other kids do not get it either.

“She thought she had done poo in her undies. We used panty liners and it was over in a day,” Tam told the Mirror.

It was learned that Emily Dover has been growing at a fast rate since she was born. Due to her rapid growth, the girl has been in constant pain from the development alone. Her condition also hampers mobility, so her movements are limited or slower than kids her age.

When Emily was 2, she had breast buds and body odor. She also had acne and body hair grew, including some on her genitalia.

Looking for an answer to what was happening to her daughter, the Dover family was referred to Wyong Hospital’s Pediatric Acute Care Unit. The doctors performed many tests, and they discovered that Emily has hormone levels similar to that of a pregnant woman.

Emily’s Diagnosis

Doctors were baffled by Emily’s case but after a while, they finally have answers. The Dover family was told that Emily is suffering from Addison’s disease –a disorder that occurs when adrenal glands produce an insufficient amount of cortisol and often, too little aldosterone as well.

A few weeks ago, the little girl was also diagnosed with Central Precocious Puberty. It is a rare condition where a child experiences puberty too soon. Aside from these disorders, Emily Dover is also suffering from anxiety disorder, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, sensory processing disorder, and autism spectrum disorder.

Emily’s Treatment

Doctors are looking for ways to lessen Emily’s discomfort and ease her pain. They said that there is only one option at the moment, and it is to force the young girl’s body to go through menopause. This will be done through three monthly hormone replacement injections.

Unfortunately, while on treatment, the girl will also experience what a 50-year-old woman goes through during the normal menopausal period. Menopause is something that women, 50-years-old and up, have to go through, thus it is quite shocking that a 5-year-old has to endure it already.

In any case, Emily Dover’s treatment costs around $1,455 per dose and her family cannot afford it. Because they want their kid to feel better and at least give her a normal childhood experience, her mom Tam had no choice but to ask for help.

She set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for Emily’s treatment. Although they are not sure if the therapy will work, Tam Dover said that they want to try anything to help her daughter get better.

[Featured Image by Tam Dover/Facebook]