Texas Tech University Officer Shot, Killed As Campus Is On Lockdown For Shooter On The Loose

Texas Tech University has been put on lockdown due to a shooter on the campus. The Hollywood Life shared the details about what is going on tonight on the campus. One fatality has already been confirmed and it sounds like this is the only person that was shot at this time. The reports are that the shooter pulled out his gun and shot the officer in the head before fleeing the scene.

Reports state that a campus police officer was shot and killed tonight and the shooter is still on the loose. Right now, the SWAT team is out working hard and trying to find the shooter at Texas Tech University. It was reported that he fled from a vehicle and police are now doing what they can to locate him. The shooter was a male in jeans and wearing a white t-shirt according to reports. They have a pretty good description of him and shared that he is 6 feet tall, 140 lbs with red hair and blue eyes. Luckily, they know who the shooter is, so that should make finding him a bit easier.

At this time, it sounds like there was only one shooter on the campus at Texas Tech University and the campus is still on lockdown. Fox News shared that the suspect is allegedly a student at the school. The man had a welfare check done on him and was then brought to the university’s police station. They did find “evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia” both in his room at the university. After being brought to the station, he pulled the gun out and shot the campus police officer. At this time, they have not revealed the name of the officer shot. Everyone would like to know what the welfare check was about, but it has not been released.


Do you feel like between this shooting and the big attack at Route 91 Harvest people should be more concerned for their safety? Things like this happening have a lot of people screaming for stronger gun control in the United States. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Hopefully, news comes out soon that the shooter has been found.

[Featured Image by Johan Hendrikse | Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA 3.0]