What Makes an Australian Happy?

What makes an Australian men happy? It’s when they are having sex or surfing the net, the 2008 Australian Happiness Index revealed. Women, on the other hand, prefers having meals with friends and spending time with their pets.

The Index surveyed more than 8,500 Australians with ages ranging from 18-64 to find out what makes them happy.

Australians also said that rest and relaxation (63%) makes the most enjoyable activities but dislikes exercise. Family time only made 45% of the men happy.

Women likes reading a good book, comfort food, or buying gifts but shopping for new clothes and shoes made only 30% of them happy. So, it’s not just about shopping. Even men were not happy when shopping as 14% only chose that option.

The index was compiled by marketing consultants The Leading Edge as a marketing tool to give businesses a picture of their target customers.

As a matter of disclosure, Duncan Riley, the founder and editor of Inquisitr is Australian. He obviously adores his family, loves surfing the net, likes shopping for gizmos, and is very much happy.