‘RHOA’ Rumors: Nene Leakes May Be Off The Show After Her Inappropriate Rape Comments Over The Weekend

RHOA is facing some tough decisions regarding Nene Leakes after her comments on Saturday evening. An insider has shared what may be in store for the reality star with a hefty $2 million per season salary. It turns out her mouth may have cost her everything she had gained in negotiations with Bravo.

Nene Leakes knows she made a mistake. She said so in an apology released earlier today on Facebook. As reported by Fox News, Nene took full responsibility for her poor choice in words and admits she went too far. Bravo, on the other hand, has made no statements yet.

Radar Online reports that an insider of RHOA has shared some information, The network will be having a meeting with the producers regarding the future of Nene Leakes on the show. Bravo isn’t able to stand behind her and the comments she made. Fans on social media have been weighing in on her potential fate and seem to be leaning towards removing her from the show. The other housewives on RHOA have said they feel she should be fired because she went too far this time.

RHOA is in the middle of filming Season 10. According to the insider, producers are already discussing how to handle the firing of Nene Leakes on the show. They could bring in someone totally new, or maybe have a returning housewife, such as Phaedra. Either way, this being a topic is not a good sign for Nene Leakes.


If everything the insider shares turns out to be true, the meeting will be held tomorrow between the network and the producers. There should be some news of their decision by the end of the day, as they are moving swiftly in this matter. Fans don’t have long to wonder if it will be disciplinary action for Nene Leakes from her employer, or will she have time to work on her comedy routine?

How do you feel about what Nene Leakes said in Oakland? Is an apology from the RHOA star enough? Do you think Bravo and the producers will terminate her contract on the reality show? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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