Wendy Williams Victim Shames Nelly Rape Accuser, ‘You’ve Got To Stay Out Of Tour Buses’

Wendy Williams knows how to stir up controversy without much effort. She is known for her mouth, and sometimes, her comments get her into big trouble. With no filter, her talk show gets high ratings. Williams talks about hot topics and inserts her feelings about the situation into the monologue. Her latest comments have really struck a chord with viewers, and it isn’t helping

Over the weekend, Nelly was accused of rape by a fan. This was a hot button story Wendy Williams addressed. The police actually booked and released him on early the next morning. The woman is saying that the rapper sexually assaulted her on a tour bus after he performed with Florida Georgia Line. While he denies the allegations and issued a statement claiming his innocence, Wendy Williams wasted no time commenting on the situation.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Wendy Williams victim shamed the woman who is accusing Nelly of raping her. This happened earlier today on her talk show when she was giving her monologue and going through the events that happened over the weekend. Williams went on to give the woman advice and her words came off in an accusatory manner. Viewers went off on social media about the victim shaming and the comment she made directly to the girl when she said, “Young lady, you’ve got to stay out of tour buses.”

These comments could cause a lot of trouble for Wendy Williams if the woman decides to get a lawyer involved. Cases like this often catch the eye of high-profile attorneys, especially if they think they can win the case with a slam dunk. Williams also addressed Nelly, but her comments weren’t as harsh to him as they were for the victim.

This is not the first time Wendy Williams has been called out for her awful comments. She has attacked celebrities over and over again. In fact, she is currently being sued over comments she made to Tokyo Toni. Williams made some pretty over the top comments, and Toni wasn’t about to take that from her.

The next few days will prove interesting to see where Wendy Williams stands with the accuser and the comments she made insinuating it was the girl’s fault. As a woman, Wendy should have known better. Telling her to not get on a tour bus is like telling her what allegedly happened is her fault. Words are powerful, and Wendy Williams may need to learn to censor herself a little bit better.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]