Amy Roloff Thankful For Pumpkin Patch Weekend Visitors Despite Rumored Tension With Matt And Girlfriend Caryn

The past weekend was a busy one at Roloff Farms as Matt, Amy, and the rest of the family welcomed visitors to the 2017 Pumpkin Patch weekend but that didn’t prevent tension from supposedly escalating between Amy and Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Amy posted a photo on her social media accounts as a way to show her appreciation to everyone who visited Roloff Farms last weekend.

“Thank you everyone that came out to Roloff Farms Pumpkin Patch this weekend,” Amy said. “We love meeting and seeing all of you.”

Amy also said that a “lot of time, hard work, and heart goes into hoping” that visitors to the patch have a great time and pick out the perfect pumpkin.

According to Amy, there were “so many takeaways” from the past weekend but one instance stood out. What struck Amy the most among the many visitors to the pumpkin patch was a terminally ill man who came with his wife. Amy said that the man wanted to visit as many places as he can before things went further south for him. The visitor, who has six months to live, is a huge fan of Little People, Big World so it was natural for his bucket list to include a visit to Roloff Farms to meet the reality TV show family.

Amy got emotional after meeting the man and she said that she was humbled and thankful to meet him. The man also got his wish to have a picture taken with his wife and members of the Roloff family.

Making sure all the visitors had a great time plus all the other work that had to be done at the pumpkin patch last weekend could easily have taken a toll on Amy and the rest of the Roloff family. However, what supposedly made things even harder for Amy was the presence of Caryn Chandler.

Radar Online reported that tensions grew between Amy and Caryn this past weekend. Rumor has it that Caryn made her presence felt at the patch, which didn’t sit well with Amy.

Matt and Caryn apparently “ran the show,” according to the source cited by Radar Online. What probably got Amy’s goat was that Caryn even posed for photographs with fans “now that she’s a main character” of Little People, Big World.

In one instance, Matt, who celebrated his 56th birthday last weekend, completely ignored Amy as he drove by her while riding his “mule” vehicle. “Amy didn’t even get a wave from her ex-husband,” said the source.

A day ago, Tori posted a series of photographs from their weekend at the pumpkin patch. It was noted that Amy and Jacob were not part of the photos. Nothing has been mentioned regarding Jacob’s whereabouts but Amy was obviously at the farm.

The supposed tension between Amy and Caryn, along with Matt, may partly explain why Amy seemed to have distanced herself from the others. The rumored strain on her relationship with Audrey and other members of the Roloff family may have also played a part.

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]