Miley Cyrus In New Pics Looking More Like Her Wholesome ‘Hannah Montana Days’

Miley Cyrus has gone through quite a few transformations since her Hannah Montana days ended and during some of those phases, she looked as far away from her Hannah days as humanly possible. The Daily Mail describes Miley as “looking every inch the all-American girl,” with her “tight cropped jeans” and a “simple navy blue tee” in her newest pictures they have posted on an article.

They suggest that Miley “ditched her racy image” and she’s been doing so for a few months now. Miley has been in the headlines recently for sharing the details of her split from Liam Hemsworth back in 2013. Despite the rumors that crop up now and then that the two are on the outs, they are still very much together.

It wasn’t only her choice of attire that gave her that overall wholesome look in these latest pictures, but her long hair and a more natural application of makeup. In the new photos, it almost looks as if she’s not wearing any makeup at all. She certainly got some shock-value out of the outfits she’s donned in the past years until this recent transformation back to a more wholesome-look.

When Miley played the role of Hannah Montana, she looked like the girl-next-door with her long thick locks of hair and her clothing that had a subtle country-western flare. At one point after her Hannah Montana days, she seemed to adopt a “less is best” motto when it came to getting dressed, or rather not getting dressed in much at all.

The Daily Mail has her latest pictures and they are a far cry from her days of wearing see-through clothes with just enough material to cover vital spots. In one picture, that is used to show what she looked like a while ago compared to her latest transition, she is wrapped in what looks like a see-through shower curtain with round circles resembling the M & M candies place strategically over her private parts.

You can see Miley’s latest “wholesome” and “all-American girl pictures here on the Daily Mail article. They also offer up some comparisons with Miley looking absolutely wild at times with her poses along with her outfits. An example of this is seen below.

Last year, Miley Cyrus had a bout of sporting a more wholesome look and Elle Magazine suggested she was looking more like her Hannah Montana days back then. Although most of Miley’s fans will take her any way they can get her, that Hannah Montana-look, back when she mirrored the girl-next-door, was a fan favorite.

[Featured Image by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP Images]