(Video) Everybody panic: “Uncensored” breast exam airs on WJLA

Warning: boobies.

WJLA in Washington set off a bit of controversy in a segment yesterday by showing nipples in their entirety on broadcast tee-vee. In the horrifying, seedy context of a breast self-exam. Video below shows the shocking and perverse video, wherein a 28-year-old woman (apparently lacking breasts) shows viewers how to perform a breast self-exam to raise awareness of breast cancer in the final few days of breast cancer awareness month.

WJLA admits that Americans may not yet be ready for breast self exams on TV, but that the content (boobs?) of the clip was valuable. You can watch the clip below, but if you have small children in the house or in adjacent homes, you may want to sedate them or send them to stay with grandparents before viewing.


[via Townhall]