While Melania Trump And Ivana Trump Clash, ‘Real Housewives’ Producer Shares Creative Idea

While Melania Trump and Ivana Trump clash, a Real Housewives producer is sharing a creative idea involving the “first ladies.” He tweeted on Monday that he’s “speechless” at how all the drama is playing out with President Donald Trump’s wife and ex-wives. He wants Melania, Ivana, and Trump’s second wife, Marla Maples, to contact him!

Bravo’s Andy Cohen likes the idea of having a Real Housewives of the White House, writing that only one person could mediate the unprecedented feud and hashtagged it #RHOWHReunion. He also included Ivanka Trump’s Twitter handle in the message.

Some of Cohen’s followers think the idea isn’t so far-fetched, agreeing that the whole situation affecting the East Wing is similar to a televised drama — only better. One user even posted a GIF of Dynasty’s Krystal Carrington and Alexis Colby getting into one of their many altercations on the show over Blake Carrington.

One commented that if tickets were sold for a Melania Trump/Ivana Trump cage fight, the national debt would be paid down fast.

President Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana, launched the feud with Melania by labeling herself as the “first lady,” not Melania, in an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America as part of her media tour to promote her book due out this week, Raising Trump. Of course, she was joking that since she was the president’s first wife, she’s the actual “first lady.” Melania Trump wasn’t laughing.

In her memoir, Ivana touches on her personal feelings for Donald’s two other wives. She doesn’t mention her ex’s second wife, Marla Maples, by name. She only refers to her as the “showgirl.” To this day she holds a grudge against Maples for having an affair with Donald while she was still married to him. When it comes to Melania, on the other hand, Ivana says she feels sorry for her and thinks she must be miserable living in the White House. Aside from her assessment of Melania, Ivana claims that she refrains from calling Donald’s number at the White House too often so she won’t make his wife “jealous.”

The Daily Mail reports that Melania issued her own statement just hours after Ivana’s comments. Her spokesperson summed up as Ivana being “attention seeking” and making “self-serving noise.” Moreover, the statement also revealed that Melania has made a home at the White House for Barron and intends to use her role as the first lady to “help children, not sell books.”

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