Shane McMahon Hospitalized After Jumping Off Cage At ‘Hell In A Cell’

At Hell in a Cell, SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon leaped off the top of the cage in an attempt to elbow drop Kevin Owens. As expected, Shane has a history of taking death-defying spots during his matches, garnering a high level of anticipation for every bout. Similar to his match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, Texas, Shane unsuccessfully performed the off-the-cage spot, leaving him unable to recover in quick fashion.

During his match with Kevin Owens, it appeared as if he was going to best his bitter rival and hit the elbow drop from the top of the cell. Shane executed a headbutt to Owens, similar to the one received from his father, Vince, a few weeks ago on SmackDown Live. However, in a very surprising matter, Sami Zayn pulled Owens off of the table, causing Shane to miss him. In addition, he picked up Owens and placed him on Shane, giving KO the victory.

As a result of the jump off the cell, WWE gave an update on Shane’s physical condition. It was reported that he was admitted to a local hospital in Detroit, Michigan, to be treated. A preliminary report shows that he is dealing with multiple injuries, including neck trauma, fractured ribs, and a dislocated shoulder. They also reported that Shane’s condition will continue to be monitored.

Even though it took the help of Sami Zayn for him to win, Owens still gloated over the victory, calling himself a “hero.”

Come SmackDown Live, perhaps the biggest cliffhanger will be Zayn giving an explanation to the fans of why he decided to help Owens, despite years of beating each other nearly senseless. Oddly, there could be some justification of why Zayn helped Owens.

The reasoning does not necessarily have to do with earning the good graces of Kevin Owens. Since debuting on SmackDown Live, Owens has been grossly underutilized and overlooked. Assisting Owens is perfect ammunition to make a huge statement to Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan, demanding respect and attention.

In turn, his alliance with Kevin Owens can act as two rebels who feel that they are being mistreated by the WWE. Interestingly, Dolph Ziggler feels the same way, and he could become the third member of this alliance heading to Survivor Series.

[Featured Image by WWE]