Jessa Duggar Shares A Video Of Spurgeon Talking About Puppies: Does He Have A Dog?

Jessa Duggar recently shared a video of Spurgeon voicing his thoughts, and some fans think that the talkative toddler is trying to use his cuteness to his advantage by sweetly asking his mother to get him a puppy. However, Spurgeon already has a furry friend that might not appreciate the competition for the little boy’s affection.

On Friday, Jessa Duggar posted yet another adorable Instagram video of 23-month-old Spurgeon. She filmed the curly-haired tot gazing out the window and attempting to strike up a conversation with her about a topic most kids adore.

“Mommy, I want puppies,” he says in the short home video.

Many of Jessa’s Instagram followers assumed that Spurgeon was trying to ask his mother to let him have a new pet dog or two.

“Sounds like Spurge wants a puppy! Animals and children good combination!” one fan commented.

“Ah poor guy. He needs a puppy! Come on @jessaseewald one more wouldn’t make your life that much busier :) just joking,” another wrote.

However, Spurgeon wasn’t just sitting at the window randomly daydreaming about dogs. According to Jessa Duggar, her son was watching someone outside walking a few “puppies.” So when Spurgeon was telling her that he wanted puppies, he simply meant that he wanted the dogs outside to come back.

“They went on a walk. We can’t see them anymore,” Jessa says in the video.

As you can see, Spurgeon didn’t get upset when the puppies disappeared from view. Instead, he smiled at his mother and did his best imitation of a yipping dog. Jessa Duggar’s youngest son, 8-month-old Henry, can also be heard in the background, but he’s not barking like his older brother. One of Jessa’s followers joked that the baby boy’s growls and gurgles sound like a zombie from The Walking Dead.

Some fans asked Jessa if she and her husband, Ben Seewald, have already gotten a canine companion for Spurgeon. She didn’t respond to their queries, but the Duggar Family Blog has confirmed that this is the case. Jessa and Ben recently adopted a dog named Willow, but the couple has not shared any details about where their new pet came from. In one of Jessa’s Facebook photos, Willow can be seen watching Spurgeon play on a tire swing.

Jessa Duggar talks about puppies, plural, in the Instagram video, which may suggest that she and Ben have adopted more than one furry friend for their sons to play with. However, it’s also possible that whoever Spurgeon was watching through the window was walking Willow and another family member’s pet (or pets).

Some couples use caring for pets as practice for having kids, but Jessa Duggar’s family does things backward. As reported by HuffPost, her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, have suggested that couples should avoid adopting pets during their first year of marriage. Since Willow just recently joined the Seewald family, it appears that Jessa and Ben heeded their advice.

[Featured Image by Jessa Seewald/Instagram]