Kristen Stewart, Girlfriend Stella Maxwell, And Robert Pattinson Have Good Time With Mixing Up Style

Kristen Stewart and her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson have been in the news recently for their relationships. While the possibility of the Twilight stars getting back together has gotten smaller, they have found stable relationships in their girlfriends. According to the rumors, Kristen might be thinking about taking the next step with Stella Maxwell, whereas Robert Pattinson is strengthening his romance with FKA twigs after a few months of instability. One thing that these couples share is that they are known for staying ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion.

Ever since her breakup with Robert Pattinson, in an attempt to rid herself of any association with Twilight Saga, Kristen Stewart has used fashion to build a new reputation for herself. It has succeeded, as she is now known for her edgy, daring, and risk-taking style. She is noted for doing "red carpet different to anyone else" and owning "ugly-pretty" look, according to Marie Claire. She often makes best-dressed lists for her fresh takes on red carpet outfits, which have ranged from reimagined tuxedos to barely-there dresses. Most recently, she has starred in Chanel's latest ad for Gabrielle fragrance.

It's no wonder that the girlfriend that she settled down with is Stella Maxwell, a Victoria's Secret angel and successful runway model. While her aesthetics lean toward more feminine looks, she has captured the media's attention for her original looks on red carpet events. Her most recent appearance at Chanel after party in Paris got thumbs-up from most fashion critics.

On top of that, Robert Pattinson is now causing an uproar by experimenting with his look. As good reviews for his performance in the new movie Good Time started to pour in, the 31-year-old British actor appeared on various magazine covers in gender-fluid looks. For the cover of W Magazine, he posed in a tight pink turtleneck with orange pants, and for Wonderland cover, he wore a pink bob wig.

It looks like Kristen and Stella have made fashion a part of their dating life as well. The pair was caught out on a shopping trip this weekend.

"Stella Maxwell, 27, flaunted her incredible frame as she went on a shopping trip with her girlfriend Kristen Stewart, 27, at the Sandro store in Pasadena, Los Angeles on Friday," reports the Daily Mail. "The Victoria's Secret Angel went braless under a plunging top, baring her cleavage while showcasing her long legs in a pair of denim shorts."

Sandro is known for its "tomboyish and street edgy" style, nestled in "the new French contemporary fashion wave," according to the Los Angeles Times. Considering Kristen loves to blur the line between masculine and feminine, this may have been the perfect story for the actress.

This weekend, Robert Pattinson also made fashion news when he appeared in a black and navy ensemble. Those two colors are usually shunned from getting combined, as they are believed to not go well together. However, the Good Time actor proved the old adage wrong on the streets of London, according to Esquire.

How do you think Kristen, Stella, and Robert will continue to challenge the fashion world with their looks? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]