‘The Good Doctor’ News: ABC’s New Drama Is A Hit, Has Been Picked Up For A Full Season Already

The Good Doctor, starring Freddie Highmore, has taken the ratings by storm. ABC thought they may have a hit on their hands as the show premiered on September 25, and viewers proved them right.

When the show premiered, the Inquisitr reported to you that it was the show to watch. The target market age range is 18-49 and over 2 million of them tuned in to make up the total number of over 11 million viewers. It was a phenomenal night for ABC. The Good Doctor came in higher than any other Monday night premiere in over eight years on ABC. The best part is, viewers did not lose interest after the premiere. The Good Doctor earned bragging rights that no other new show this season can claim as week two was equally successful.

Freddie Highmore and his castmates had filmed six episodes for this fall premiere. This is a common practice of show execs when premiering a new series. They need to find out if the public will tune in before they spend too much money on what could be a flop. With only two episodes aired, they are confident that viewers will only be more drawn to the show. According to the Hollywood Reporter, they have asked for a full season of The Good Doctor.


It is no surprise that the show is doing so well. David Shore is the creator and showrunner. He was involved in another medical-drama hit series, House. Casting Freddie Highmore as the main character, Dr. Shaun Murphy was a perfect choice. He is a very talented actor and fits the part very well. The premise for the series is based on his autism and savant syndrome. While the combination makes him a brilliant doctor, he is lacking social skills. Shaun doesn’t understand when those around him show emotion and sees their actions as confusing. He has shown already that he will question them in order to understand their actions, leading to him teaching them something about themselves.

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