‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny And Carly Reflect On A Year Without Morgan, Is It Time For A Recast?

It has been a year now since Bryan Craig left his role as Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital. It has been a rough road for Morgan’s loved ones to deal with his violent death, especially Sonny and Carly. This upcoming week will have the pair reflecting on their year without their son in their lives.

A new General Hospital clip shows Sonny and Carly in the GH chapel holding hands as they honor Morgan with their memories of him. They proceed to light a candle for him as well. Their rough patch after his death in the car explosion caused them to split up for a while, but they are back together and stronger than ever. This week will have them sharing their heart as they reflect on their memories with Morgan. In addition, little sister Josslyn will also have her moments of reflection of her brother and how life has been without him this past year.

General Hospital spoilers also tease that Carly puts her focus on Morgan’s foundation that was set up to help others who struggle with mental illness as Morgan did. His death was ultimately caused by the car explosion that was meant for Julian Jerome, but he did suffer from bipolar disorder, just as Sonny does.

Morgan is assumed to be dead, but people don’t usually stay dead forever on General Hospital. There have been plenty of rumors this past year that Morgan will be coming back to Port Charles eventually. While it doesn’t appear that Bryan Craig will reprise his role anytime soon, some fans are speculating that a recast will be coming.


It may be a while before that happens, but the Corinthos family certainly won’t let anyone forget how much they miss Morgan. His name has been mentioned so many times in the past year that viewers have been commenting on how tired they are of hearing his name. However, he was a big part of General Hospital and his death rocked everyone in Port Charles.


A Morgan recast right now would certainly shake things up. It would be a shock to Sonny and Carly to have their son come back from the dead, but they will have their hands full when Patient 6 comes trekking into town with the old Jason Morgan’s face in a couple of weeks. That will keep them busy for a few months as the Jason storyline is expected to last nine long months.

Of course, having Morgan coming back home would be the ultimate gift for his loved ones. How would you feel about having a Morgan recast if it wasn’t Bryan Craig? Should this General Hospital character stay dead? Sound off on how you feel about this.

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