'Divorce' Season 2: Sarah Jessica Parker Adjusts To The Single Life In New Trailer For HBO Dark Comedy

Victoria Miller

Sarah Jessica Parker's divorce is final. Or at least her character Frances' is. A new trailer for Parker's HBO dark comedy, Divorce, has been released, and it looks like Frances Dufresne and her ex-husband Robert (Thomas Haden Church) will be adjusting to their new lives after their explosive split when the HBO series returns for its second season in January.

The new Divorce teaser (which you can see below) shows Robert finally shaving his mustache—and talking about threesomes. And is that Frances looking a bit like Carrie Bradshaw as she toasts to her new single life? You can see the entire Divorce Season 2 trailer at the end of this article.

While the first season of Divorce was a bit dark and intense as Frances and Robert decided to end their marriage, Season 2 looks a little bit lighter as they adjust to the aftermath of their decision. Divorce executive producer Jenny Bicks told the Hollywood Reporter that the show will pick up a little bit in the future as the ink on the former couple's divorce papers begins to dry.

The Divorce showrunner also revealed that viewers will see more of the show's other contentions couple, Diane and Nick (played by Molly Shannon and Tracy Letts) in the upcoming season. Diane and Nick nearly split last season but they reconciled after he suffered a heart attack.

"She does have friends and so does he, and how are they impacted by the divorce?" Bicks said of the newly divorced couple. "It's not just Frances and Robert."

"I will go on the record to say I wouldn't be disappointed if [their getting back together] was a plot that we could pursue," the Divorce star admitted. "But, you gotta earn it. That's a long way off."

Check out the Divorce Season 2 trailer below.