Nene Leakes Yells Back At Heckler ‘I Hope Your Uber Driver Rapes You!’ [UPDATE]

Update: Real Housewives of Atlanta producers are said to be hunting down a tape of Nene Leakes’ stand-up to air it on the show. According to a show insider, Bravo producers want to use the stand-up faux pas as a storyline.

“Producers will hunt down the owner of the video to get a release just in case someone brings it up on camera and it becomes part of the show.”

Following the news that Nene Leakes suggested to a heckler that she hopes the woman gets raped on her way home, social media is firmly against Leakes saying that rape is never funny, and Nene Leakes should know that. Others said that this is why not everybody is suited to do stand-up.

RHOA Nene Leakes tried her hand at stand-up and it went south rather fast. Saturday night, Nene Leakes was performing to a crowd in Oakland, and they didn’t think she was very funny. Leakes was being heckled, and one woman yelled something that obviously got under Nene’s skin because she lashed out. In response, Nene Leakes yelled back that she hoped the woman gets raped by her Uber driver on her way home. While it is unknown what the woman said to Nene, her reaction was shocking.

The promotion for the “Girls Night Out For Laughs” made it sound like Nene Leakes was just going to dish some Hollywood dirt for a few laughs at the expense of reality television. Leakes said that before going back to join the RHOA she was ready to spill the tea on “those thirsty housewives, those dusty girls.”

Nene Leakes hosted the event at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland with Loni Love, Tiffany Haddish, Adele Givens, Melanie Comarcho, and Hope Flood. Leakes explained that the evening was going to be lighthearted and funny, obviously not anticipating the heckling and the controversy.

“I’m gonna be onstage with a lot of fun, fun women that night — Loni Love of ‘The Real,’ Tiffany Haddish of ‘Girls Trip,’ Adele Givens of ‘The Queens of Comedy,’ Melanie Comarcho and Hope Flood — gossiping and talking a whole lotta s—.”

Nene Leakes had also promised that she was going to roast some of the members of her new E! Network family including the Kardashian and Jenner clans. Leakes explained that even the president, whom she met while appearing on Celebrity Apprentice, won’t be safe from her brand of humor.

“Then there’s our bald-headed president, Donald Trump. Yes, that toupee that’s running the White House, honey.”

RHOA Nene Leakes parting words held significance as she hoped that the event will tour the country. Considering that the Oakland event ended with Leakes yelling back at a heckler, there seems to be little chance that ‘Girls Nite Out For Laughs’ will catch on.

“I’d love to see ‘Girls Nite Out For Laughs’ become a huge success across the country. I want to make people laugh and have an amazing time.”

Do you think the comments that Nene Leakes yelled at a heckler about hoping that she gets raped by an Uber driver will create a problem?

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