These Two Heartwarming Stories During Las Vegas Massacre Show The Wonderful Tale Of Humanity

A hero in the red hat that saved 40 people during the shooting. While on the other side of the Las Vegas Strip, an agnostic suddenly felt the presence of God under the bullet. These two stories will warm our hearts after the dark and gloomy days of the incident. It shows how we can always have hope in the middle of trouble.

When Stephen Paddock fired his barrage of bullets into the crowd of concertgoers on Las Vegas Strip, people ran for cover to save themselves. However, a man wearing a red baseball hat helped some people get to a safe place.

He took a huge risk of his own life to save other people. The man carried at least 40 people to the safety of the backstage under the bullet shower. Afterward, those people never saw the man with the red hat again.

All the people he saved are really thankful for him. They shared the story about his heroic act on social media, and Larry Rorick is one of them. In his Facebook post, he explained how the man in the red hat saved his wife by carrying her and tossing her over the safety fence.

Later on, the identity of the man in the red hat was revealed. His name is Anthony Chavez, a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, who moved to Las Vegas in 2014. Chavez attended the annual Route 91 Harvest country music festival with his girlfriend Deia Torres when the terror struck. After knowing Chavez's identity, Rorick immediately edited his Facebook post in a thankful note for him.

Another heartwarming story was from an agnostic man who found faith in God after witnessing the Las Vegas shooting incident. The man, Taylor Benge, declared his faith in an interview with Rick Berman from CNN after the incident. CNN may have ignored his statement and cut the interview short, but many people have watched his testimony of how God saved him during the chaotic and deadly situation.

Benge, who went to the concert with his sister, openly said that he came to the concert as an agnostic. However, after he witnessed a tragedy and survived the horror of Las Vegas shooting, he embraced a faith in God. It is because he believed that God blessed him to stay alive so that he can be God's witness.

"I'm a firm believer in God now because there's no way that all of that happened, and that I made it, and I was blessed enough to still be here alive talking to you today."
During the interview, Benge was still shaken up from the terror. Despite the shock, he was still able to describe the Las Vegas shooting clearly, including the shooter's vantage point. Watch the interview below.

These two heartwarming stories showed that in the midst of chaos and terror, there is always a hope that we can rely on. Take a look at the story of Chavez, the hero in the red hat who saved 40 people during the Las Vegas massacre below.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]