Tyga Glad Not To Be Kylie Jenner’s Baby Father: Thinks She’s Manipulating Travis Scott Amid Pregnancy

Tyga seems to have made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want anything to do with Kylie Jenner, who he has branded as a manipulator, according to reports.

The rapper dated Jenner for close to three years before Kylie reportedly decided to call it quits back in March.

Of course, it was just two weeks later when fans would go on to find out that the 20-year-old was seeing Travis Scott, which infuriated Tyga because it somewhat seemed as if their relationship meant nothing to her.

And while Tyga had initially hoped for a reconciliation, after finding out that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant, those plans went straight out the window.

Tyga is shocked that his former lover is pregnant, but at the same time, he is not surprised because he thinks that the reality star manipulates every given situation to her benefit, and this time is no different.

According to Hollywood Life, Tyga has told family and friends that he is happy that the duo is no longer together — he couldn’t have seen himself having a child with Kylie so soon, and there would be a reason why she’d want to have a child right now.

Tyga has further mentioned that he thinks Kylie is a player; when she’s done with someone, she drops them ice cold and won’t even give them a reason why it’s alleged by the news outlet.

The “Faded” rapper hasn’t spoken to his ex-girlfriend since their breakup, and though he had initially hoped they could reconcile and work things out, the 27-year-old is glad to see the outcome of things.

Furthermore, Tyga holds no blame to Travis Scott since many fans were under the impression that Kylie’s current man stole the TV personality from him, but Tyga doesn’t see it like that at all.

He feels as if Jenner had every opportunity to try and work things out with him, but she clearly didn’t seem interested in doing so, having chosen to have a baby with someone she had only been dating for a couple of weeks at the time.

Tyga is said to be working on a new album that’s expected to hit stores early next year.

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]