Apple’s iPhone X Leaked Images Surface, Analysts Claim Face ID Will Set A Trend But Stocks Will Be Limited

With just a month before the scheduled release of Apple’s iPhone X, there are reports hinting this device could end the tech giant’s innovative slump. The iPhone X will introduce Face ID, a 3D sensing technology using cameras which could make fingerprint recognition extinct. Unfortunately, Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo’s outlook for the new iPhone is not too positive. Although the launch date is set in November, Apple’s new iPhone might have limited availability until 2018.

Apple Sets A New Trend

After Apple revealed their new iPhone will feature a Face ID technology and a TrueDepth camera instead of the Touch ID fingerprint recognition, Android companies were quick to make inquiries about this innovative technology. Kuo predicted that 3D sensing technology will be the new feature for smartphones in the next two to three years. He explained that this new technology has better compatibility with LCD screens while the optical fingerprint recognition is only an option for OLED panels.

Samsung continues to dominate the market for OLED panels, and this will limit the number of smartphones which could use feature optical fingerprint recognition.

Earlier reports suggest that the iPhone X struggled with optical fingerprint recognition, and this was the reason for using facial recognition. However, analysts contradicted these claims. Although Apple was the first company to implement 3D sensing and the True Depth camera, Kuo predicted it will take two to three years before other companies can come up with the same technology.

Meanwhile, more images of the new iPhone X surfaced online. Another key feature of the iPhone X based on these photos is the dynamic wallpaper which appears to be exclusive to this device. The person behind the leaked images remains to be anonymous. Although there’s nothing much to see in these photos, many Apple users are excited to get their hands on the iPhone X.


iPhone X Limited Availability

Users and analysts are looking forward to the release date of the iPhone X which is set on November 3. As the date draws nearer, Kuo revealed the “supercycle” won’t start until 2018 due to several issues. Kuo hinted on production issues surrounding the device’s TrueDepth camera although this problem will be addressed by 2018. According to him, the sales period for the iPhone models released in 2018 will be longer and that the 2018 models will have iPhone X’s innovative features.

The report also revealed the design and specification for iPhone units set for a 2018 launch will be more competitive but slightly bigger than the units released in 2017. On a brighter note, Kuo predicted Apple’s iPhone X shipments will “pick up strongly” by the first half of next year after the company resolves production issues by the last quarter of 2017.

[Featured Image by Jack Taylor/Getty Images]