Kaepernick's Controversial Net Worth, And Who is Nessa Diab, His Girlfriend

Colin Kaepernick made headlines during the 2016 NFL preseason when he chose to kneel when the national anthem was played, as a way to protest racism and police brutality. He soon after got out of his 49ers contract and has not joined any NFL teams since.

That said, a CBS reporter recently caused controversy when he stated on television that the quarterback had expressed his intention to stand if he ever got the chance to play on the NFL. However, the reporter clarified his statement via Twitter on Sunday, stating that he had never spoken with the player on whether he would stand or not.

His Controversial Net Worth

Colin Kaepernick was said to have been awarded a whopping $126 million contract in 2014, which was regarded as a "record" at the time. As such, it may seem that he has a net worth of about $100 million at least, but no. According to Business Insider, he has only ever received $39.4 million in total. On how this came about, he received a salary of $645,000 in the 2014 season and the following year, he was paid $10.4 million instead of $12.4 million.
Apparently, the money was pegged on performance, and if he didn't make it to the first or second teams All-Pro, $2 million would be deducted from his earnings. The terms negatively impacted his income during this period. His contract was also restructured in 2016, enabling the 49ers to "release" him in the summer.

He, however, voluntarily chose to get out in March so he could have more time to look for a new contract. As a result, the initial $126 million did not come to fruition as the seven years was reduced to only three.

His Girlfriend

Now to Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend Nessa Diab, who is presently 29, she came into the spotlight after regularly posting controversial responses on social media in regards to issues cropping up about him. She has also been exceptionally vocal in refuting claims of him willing to stand during the national anthem.

A bit on her background, she was born of an Egyptian father and Middle Eastern mother, and had a Muslim upbringing. She also lived with her parents in Saudi Arabia during the 90s. On her education, she holds a BA in Mass Communication from the University of California, Berkeley.

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