‘My 600-lb Life’ Update: Steven Assanti Ends Facebook Break, Shows Signs Of Self-Pity And Discouragement

My 600-lb Life star Steven Assanti recently took a break from social media, shutting down his Facebook account without any warning to his followers and fans. This weekend, however, the reality TV star reactivated his social media presence, and what emerged from the long Facebook break seemed to be a far different Steven than the one who was active just a few weeks ago.

Quite unlike Steven’s posts right before he deactivated his account, Steven’s first uploads this weekend suggest that the reality TV star is suffering from a certain degree of self-pity and discouragement. So far, the reality TV star posted three images in his newly-reactivated Facebook page, all of which were photos featuring melancholic quotes.

Among the three images that Steven posted this weekend, one particular quote stood out. If Steven’s recent upload is any indication, he has reached a point in his life when he feels incredibly drained.

“Emotionally, I’m done. Mentally, I’m drained. Spiritually, I feel dead. Physically, I smile.”

Since the somber updates were posted on the reality TV star’s Facebook account, Steven’s followers have been on high gear attempting to encourage him. Many, for one, assured the My 600-lb Life star that he is never really alone. Others urged Steven to go out and explore the world, while some suggested that he try attending a church service.

“Start getting up and out. Come on. This up and down stuff needs to stop,” wrote one follower.

“Seek God. He can give you spiritual life, buddy,” wrote another.

So far, Steven has only been uploading his cryptic quotes since reactivating his social media presence. He is yet to announce any details about what transpired during the past month since he deactivated his Facebook account.

If any, however, Steven’s return on the social media platform is an interesting development for fans of My 600-lb Life. Very few subjects on the show, after all, have achieved such a level of notoriety as Steven Assanti.

Prior to deactivating his Facebook account last month, Steven seemed like he was going on a tailspin. He was uploading offensive videos and images on a consistent basis, angering many of his followers. His controversial videos and pictures, however, were always taken down a few hours after being posted. Steven also rampaged online against his brother, Justin Assanti, who was simply running a budding hobby business from his home state.

There was even a time when Steven began sharing healthy recipes to his social media followers, seemingly as a sign that he was completely embracing a far healthier lifestyle. In the middle of all this, however, Steven simply disappeared, taking all of his updates with him.

With his return to social media, one thing is sure. Steven Assanti would be speaking his mind very soon; and when he does, the My 600-lb Life community would surely be listening.

[Featured Image by Steven Assanti/Facebook]