‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Gives Liz A Hot Scoop, Will She Tell Jason What She Knows?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal Franco (Roger Howarth) comes clean to Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and puts her in a very awkward spot with Jason (Billy Miller). Typical of Franco, he only admits to half the truth and leaves out a couple of massive details.

When Franco started searching into his past, Liz told him she would stand by him no matter what he found out, but he has to be honest with her. General Hospital spoilers state that they promised they wouldn’t lie to each other so that Franco newest fabrication could destroy their relationship.

According to Soap Central, Franco discovered that Jason had a twin, but his brother died when they were very young. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Franco decides to tell Liz what he found out. At the last minute, Franco chooses to omit a big part of the story, which could create problems with Liz down the road.

General Hospital spoilers state that Franco worries what this all could mean about himself. He knows that Liz needs him to be honest with her and no matter how hard he tried, he can’t help but keep things from her.

Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth, General Hospital
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General Hospital spoilers state that Franco fills Liz in what he found out, but it puts her in a tight spot. She isn’t sure if she should go to Jason with what Franco said or let it go. Franco hopes that Liz will let it go and not tell Jason anything. In his eyes, Jason’s twin died, so there is no sense in bringing it up now. GH spoilers suggest that Liz wants to fill Jason in because she thinks he has a right to know.

Liz urges Franco to reveal everything he knows to Jason, but he isn’t sure it’s a good idea. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Franco will make excuses as to why it is a bad idea, but Jason is already suspicious over Franco’s behavior. Eventually, Jason will demand Franco or Liz to spill what they know. If Liz finds out that Franco hid an important piece of the puzzle from her, it will cause major problems in their relationship.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Franco believes Jason’s twin is out there somewhere, but he doesn’t want to alarm anyone until he learns all the details. Apparently, in his mind, he is protecting Liz, and he will tell her the truth in due time.

Do you think Franco will take Liz’s advice and come clean to Jason?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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