‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Andrew Lincoln Hated Season 7’s Rick, Teases Season 8 Will Be Better

The Walking Dead Season 8 spoilers reveal that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) will get his strut back. TWD viewers expressed their disappointment with Season 7’s Rick. Lincoln urges the fans to hang in there because Season 8 will be much better, at least for Rick.

According to Mashable, Lincoln said that “Season 7 sucked big time for Rick Grimes.” Everything he had worked for started crumbling before his eyes. At first, Rick let Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) take over the community he has been building in Alexandria.

It took a painful eight episodes for Rick to get it together and decide to fight Negan. The Walking Dead spoilers state that even when Rick put a plan in motion to challenge Negan, it didn’t go exactly as planned. In fact, his plan blew up in his face.

All was not lost, as Rick’s plan was not a complete disaster. However, his group lost Sasha (Soneque Martin) and found out Jadis and the Scavengers had turned on them to work with Negan’s Saviors.

It’s safe to say; Season 7 was not a good time for Rick. However, Lincoln previewed that in Season 8 it will all change for The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes.


The Walking Dead spoilers state that even though Rick is ready to fight Negan, his ultimate goal is peace between his group and Negan’s Saviors. TWD spoilers suggest that getting revenge on Negan is enough to motivate Rick, but it has a profound effect on him.

Rick had a taste of peace then Negan showed up and disrupted the peace within his group. The Walking Dead spoilers indicate that Negan terrorized the group and, in Season 8, Rick refuses to let him continue that path.

Lincoln compares the Rick we saw on TWD Season 7 premiere and finale and noted that he was in similar positions in both. Rick was on his hands and knees with Negan towering over him. However, what was different was his mental state. Instead of being afraid and feeling defeated, he becomes determined and ready to die fighting Negan.

The Walking Dead spoilers indicate that Lincoln believes that the fans will love Season 8’s Rick again. He cannot wait until the season begins so he can see the reactions on social media.

The Walking Dead returns October 22 on AMC.

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