FBI Billboards Sprout In Las Vegas Asking Public’s Help In Uncovering Stephen Paddock’s Secret Life

It has been almost a week since Stephen Paddock terrorized Las Vegas with an event of carnage never before seen in this magnitude throughout the nation’s modern-day history. Despite their massive efforts, Police are no closer today in uncovering the motive behind Paddock’s killing spree, so a shout out to to the public in the form of billboards erected around Las Vegas is about to get underway.

The FBI has hopes of gathering more clues into the secret life of Stephen Paddock as they ask for the public’s help. “We still do not have a clear motive or reason why,” which is what a “frustrated Clark County Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said Friday,” according to Billboard.com. “We have looked at literally everything.”

Members of the FBI are looking for anyone who saw Paddock in the days leading up to this Las Vegas massacre, nothing is too small to report to the authorities who are trying to piece together who and what this man was all about. It is known that he frequented prostitutes while in Las Vegas and police are anxious to talk to any of the women he might have spent time with before this shooting.

As Billboard.com suggests, tourists will soon see “grim reminders” of the carnage that took place in Las Vegas when coming into town. So far the authorities have chased down more than 1,000 leads and they’ve looked at anything pertaining to Stephen Paddock including his finances and social behavior.

“We have been down each and every one of these paths,” McMahill said. “We all want answers.” The billboards will soon be present around every corner, but for now, the FBI asks that anyone with any information to please call 1-800-CALL-FBI.

Bodies removed from Las Vegas Concert Shooting
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Aaron Rouse, who is the FBI agent in charge of the Las Vegas office asks, “If you know something, say something.” He also said, “We will not stop until we have the truth.” Authorities have questioned various call girls in the city and they’ve investigated several cruises that Paddock took over the past few years, including one to the Middle East.

According to the New York Times, law enforcement is now confident that Paddock acted on his own. McMahill said, “There are voluminous amounts of video from many different locations” in the hotel. We have reviewed it, and we have not located any other person that we believe to be a suspect at this point.”

The coroner’s office in Las Vegas completed daunting task of identifying the victims of the Las Vegas shooter. The victims of this massacre where 36 women and 22 men, who range in age from 20 to 67. These were the people who were fatally shot during the Las Vegas shooting last weekend.

Despite the amount of time and planning that went into this horrific event on the part of Paddock, there are still very few clues to go on as to what put him in the frame of mind to embark on such an event. This is one of the most baffling aspects of this case. Law enforcement and people everywhere want to know why this happened.

McMahill also noted that after five days, it is unusual to have so few clues in comparison to similar crimes. McMahill also said with the mass killings or terrorist attacks that they’ve seen in the past, the killers have left notes. They’ve at least had some sort of social media postings and information on their computer. Some have even phoned the police but this is not the case with Paddock.

Erroll Southers, director of homegrown violent extremism studies at the University of Southern California, suggests that “The lack of a social media footprint is likely intentional.” Paddock’s planning in this shooting seemed to have left no stone unturned when it came down to every last detail.

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